Niche erotica


Thinking about earning some extra cash by churning out some really niche erotica then self-publishing it on Amazon. What unusual fetishes do you think are worth exploring? Anyone want to help me with some cover designs? Reckon this could be a real winner.


I wish I could write well just so I could do this!! :smiley: I’ve given it a go in the past but it was hilariously bad.


Barbecue and barbecue accessories erotica.


erotica about writers of niche erotica at a convention.


I’d like to read some passport related erotica if you wouldn’t mind obliging


Quango Orgies


A Grilling to Remember
Tongs of Fire
Embers of Desire


it writes itself.

Every Coal’s a Goal


I honestly think I can make a stab of it. I can’t plot or develop anything to save my life, but give me a specific scene and I reckon I can write it.


Countdown hot tub party


Even my depraved mind cannot fathom that level of filth.


Banned in most countries


Unexpected PM from a DISer that eventually leads to some serious stone age fucking


you swore you’d never tell


Erotica set in the (true/real) world where the Beatles did not exist.


1 from the bottom and 5 from anywhere else: an erotic conundrum


Might be a good market for prehistoric porn.


Why don’t you do this as a side project too, you seem perfect!


Tiger Crew gangbang


i fucking hate countdown