Niche MS Word question



I’m editing a big document in Word, and amongst many other things I need to change some film titles into italics. Which I do know how to do, believe it or not. The trouble is that whenever I save the document and quit, the next time I open it, the same few film titles are no longer in italics. It’s happened several times now with the same document, even though everything else I do in the document is saved. Including some other titles in italics.

Anyone got any idea how to fix this?


sorry wr but :joy:


Absolutely no idea of the cause or proper solution, but if it was me I would probably try copy and pasting the whole document into a new doc and try saving that.


Export to html after changing then see if you can view it okay in browser, then maybe reimport?


What version of Word?


wasn’t there a bug in the italics protocol of the 2015.611.798 version?


I actually solved it now (thanks to my dad). I didn’t have the correct version of the font (which is the standard in the template I’m using) installed! Seems to be working fine now.


Print it out with the italics working properly, then scan it back in and insert it as an image.

You’re welcome.


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Thanks wr’s dad!


*Dr genius, thanks.


control and i


Have seen this with websites before actually. Annoying