Niche question to do with audio settings on a video recording

So here’s the set-up:

  • I’m trying to record a video (from my laptop) of me playing guitar and singing
  • I can’t just use the laptop’s mic as my guitar drowns out my voice
  • I’ve plugged in an old Avid MBox Mini with vocals in channel 1 and guitar in channel 2
  • This is a bit better, but the vocals are hard-panned left and the guitar is hard-panned right

Can anyone help? Ideally I’d like to pan a bit more centrally (mono would be fine) and to be able to apply some kind of compression to the vocals and guitar to even it out a bit. Would prefer to do this as I record, but would happily edit afterwards if necessary. Is there any free/cheap software that would do the job or am I being unrealistic?

Can Garageband do that? Or maybe a free/trial version of Ableton or similar?

Any audio software can do this. Did nothing come with the mbox?

I think reaper is still free

Don’t think you can multrack in audacity can you?

It came with Protools. But I can’t seem to get it to work with a “live” recording.

I think I’m just being thick :frowning:

Also how would this all work if I’m recording video too?

Oh it deffo will. Follow some YouTube guides.

If you can install it and make site the mbox is selected then gonto new track and create 2 mono audio tracks.

Set one input to input 1 and one to 2 an ditvshoukd what you need.

shotcut is a good free video editing thing, and it has loads of audio tools (calls them filters) can compress eq and stuff, I imagine so combination of duplicating the audio track, balance and panning could get it more centered (or you could just change the audio codec to mono on export)

You will have to drag the vid in after and line it up. Do a visual clap or something to make lining up easier.

Failing that just experiment with phone position and do it live and more roughly.

If you are managing to record but having this issue it’s because you are recording to stereo tracks. Record 2 mono tracks if possible.

just opened up shotcut, reckon you could do it by opening the clip and adding it to video track one, detaching the audio which will put it on audio track one, add a new audio track and copy the audio there too. use the copy channel filter on audio track one to copy the left channel to the right making that track only have the one sound on it, use the copy channel filter on audio track two to copy the right track to the left making that track have the other track on it, hopefully that would end up with the two separate sounds centered, you could probably use the balance filter after that if you did want to separate them out a bit. dunno if that sounds complicated but it is really easy to use shotcut. big fan of shotcut

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The Free Way To Do This:
Audacity is a free piece of software for audio editing. It’ll allow you to pan the audio channels and apply compression

You’ll want to add it to the video. I recommend at the start of a video doing a clap queue (clap to the camera) so you can sync up the ‘worked’ audio with the video.

The easiest way to do this:
Would be to buy a USB microphone designed to capture room audio. There are quite a few in the market designed specifically for music.