Niche recommendations thread (rolling?)

  1. how are you doing streaming services on your telly? My smart TV only really does Netflix and I want something that also does Amazon Video thinger and Now TV that isn’t my old Xbox 360. Will a Chromecast do that? A Fire stick? What’s a Roku anyway?

  2. know any good books about chess? I know the beginner stuff like pins and forks and stuff, but would like to read more about openings and overall strategy and end game and stuff. Not necessarily for improving play, just reading about it is fine.

  1. Dunno anything that does that (Google doesnt work with amazon) apart from an old 360 or maybe a raspberry pi…

  2. When I was a kid the usbourne book of chess was killer. I imagine it still works for adults, how do you dumb down chess?

  1. I want some sort of wireless keyboard and mouse combo designed for use whilst sitting on the sofa, or some sort of sofa keyboard and mouse tray? Must be full sized.
  1. Get a decent telly
  2. Touch move your fucking shits.

I know very little about chess, but this channel is amazing for explaining/ analysing past games

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  1. Bobby Fischer (yes, problematic) Teaches Chess - comfortably the best chess book I’ve read :+1:

The answer to 1 is a ChromeCast for us. As long as you have devices with the apps on them to cast to it, it works well.

The original NowTV box was a Roku and that was also pretty decent but the advantage of the ChromeCast is you don’t need a new remote just your phone or tablet or computer. I think overall the experience is nicer than Roku.

Our smart TV does Amazon as well as 'flix. Hope that helps.

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Bump for the midday shift.

Used to use freeview for live tv and my old ps3 for streaming, but my PS3 died and we moved somewhere with zero tv signal, so we’ve got a Virgin box now.

Apple TV isn’t it.

Nothing good on there anyway tbh.

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Erm, hello


I got a Roku Stick+ and it does exactly what I want.

I got a 99p chess book because there’s no Kindle version of the Bobby Fisher book and it’s wank.

Which was allowing me to fill a quite large box with my Xbox 360 (including massive transformer, battery chargers, unwanted Kinect and associated terrible games, etc) out in the garage to rot.