Niche references / phrases that you use

Tend to scatter various phrases - quotes from films, song lyrics etc. - into my everyday interactions with friends, family and colleagues; they are rarely noticed. And if I know DiSers, I imagine you do similar.

Share your favourites, see who recognises their origins

let’s go home → that was quick


Actually around 50% of my parlance is comprised of simpsons references


Christ, I do this all the time.

I think the most niche one is when I’m putting my daughter’s coat on and instead of saying “Let’s get your coat on”, saying “Let’s get your Tony Coton”. No one’s questioned it yet for some reason.



Reason for the thread is that after saying to someone “I like your style” I then found myself following it up with “I like your groove, so come on…” which is a ridiculous 25-year old reference to a hidden track on a certain britpop CD…


Don’t retain any quotes from media even if if i’ve watched something dozens of times except for Dracula.

Oh and I do say “do it, see my movie” a lot in an Arnie voice but this is from John Travolta saying it in Look Who’s Talking.

Family-learned ones: stop slancing (old lancs dialect for stealing food whilst its being prepared), vinegar trip instead of wild goose chase (old scouse phrase), hessy for irritable/angry (of ex-bf origin), happy cakes (of m origin).

And this one from time to time

My mother-in-law’s dog is a lovely italian greyhound called Bobby. I often call him Bobson, after Bobson Dugnutt, and now my wife often calls him that as well. I don’t think she knows the reference.


A couple of weks ago my son (rather dramatically) declared that this was ‘the worst day of my life’ to which I replied ‘Worst day of your life… so far’


This is exactly the stuff I wanted :+1:


It’s a nice nickname to be fair!

You can’t sit on your own arse

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Mr S_W and I always say “Wakey Wakey Eggs & Bakey”. Got it from the film House of 1000 Corpses.


If a situation comes up where I’m asked about spending money, I always say I’m going to blow it all on hats.

…which is from:


Michael Madsen says this in Kill Bill as well, remember my mate using it all the time after that came out

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On this note the missus has a dog called joey who now responds to the following names from me

The littlest Jobo
Joseph Stallin


My dad used always to watch this bizarre WWII film starring Donald Sutherland as a tank commander in the liberation of France, but played very firmly in the style of a cartoonish 1970’s hippy. He likes to complain about other people’s “negative waves” and I sometimes use quotes from him when I’m being brought down by other people’s negative attitudes.

“Don’t hit me with those negative waves so early in the morning baby”

“Would you knock it off with those negative waves? Why can’t you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why can’t you say something hopeful and righteous for a change?”

Are a couple


That really butters/burns my toast

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Have loads of these with my sister from stupid things we enjoyed growing up

loads of bits of inconsequential dialogue or funny/exaggerated line readings from films - all of these are form the matrix ‘really good noodles’, ‘and when heee found mee’ tearfully ‘he’s never used them before’

a voice that is audible in the background crowd chatter on rollercoaster tycoon - ‘wa-wa-water’

loads of samples from a dance ejay demo we had ‘suddenly!!! a street man!’

Just a whole bunch of really stupid things that we find hilarious but obviously no one else in their right minds would.

come the fuck on bridget!

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