Niche request thread: really boring videos

inb4 someone posts a link to a video of something i like

but seriously, got a link to a video about a guy talking about about auditing for an hour? post it here!

like really dull, about really boring subjects and preferably quite long (fnar)

Already sent you a link to those “how to play Netrunner” videos, m3

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those guys are a bit too animated and seem to be enjoying what they’re doing

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I’ll see if I can find one by British people instead.

Some kind of sporting event

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I find these boring but also not boring

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all those ones my kids seem to watch of dweebs with blue hair playing fortnite or whatever.


i’m gonna mute this thread

When my daughter first got her phone she used it exclusively for watching youtube videos of other people playing minecraft.


yeah i’m big into really dull longplays of video games with really listless commentary

*sigh* guess i better go get the dungeon key then.

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how do you feel about intensive breakdowns of video game collections?

i find video game collector youtube intensely comforting. like if all else goes to shit maybe i could just dedicate my life to a videogame collection and a cool room to play them in

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Techmoan channel on YouTube

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joke post but actually works. 10/10

this would almost count but is unfortunately a bit too interesting

yes! this is great

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oh man, anything where people take stuff apart and look at the electronics