Niche requests thread (rolling)


Nothing dodgy please.

I’m trying to find a really bleak beach somewhere in the south east. Like really miserable and desolate and grey. Stony pref. Any recommendations? TIA.


Canvey Island


Need a replacement power supply for the 2box drummit 5. It appears to be a pretty uncommon wattage and the cheapest I can find is £35. Cheaper suggestion please


Good shout, bleak af.






Aberdeen :smiley:

Wait, sorry, read that as north east.


Yeah, Dungeness is the one for this.


It’s actually really cool and an area of special scientific interest and everything, but it looks like a nuclear winter.


Oh you!!! :joy:


There is literally a disused nuclear power station there. It’s bleak as fuck and it’s emergence as somewhere cool is utterly baffling to me.


Buy cheap, buy twice!!


From the pictures of dungeness it looks like there’s an awful lot of stuff dotted about there? I need somewhere that’s just really blank and nondescript.


Greatstone isn’t stone but it is bland and bleak as fuck especially during the winter.


you ok mate? can we ask what for?




You may not.


If you’re looking out towards the water it’s pretty clear but yeah, there’s a nuclear power station and ruined old boats and weird old shacks dotted about if you’re looking towards land, so might not be exactly what you’re after.

Took these there a few years ago


These look great tbf


Ooh this could be a goer