Niche things that you're picky about


I like listening to rain sounds to relax/concentrate, but most apps/websites have the wrong ones.


Asmr videos - normally it’s weird and wrong


Dried pasta


Which app you got, I like the rain rain one


YES. Give me Rummo or give me death.


The way the coasters and mats are set out on my desk
The angle of my monitor screens on my desk
The position of the phone on my desk
My desk
My fucking desk


hanging washing up to dry


Rummo > barilla > de cecco
Don’t bother with anything else these days




Stacking the dishwasher efficiently.


I have very specific preferences for how clothes are hung on the Minky


that is the good shit

when it goes on special offer I mass buy it like it’s Y2K all over again


I can’t remember the best one because it’s on my tablet and claims to be incompatible with my phone (?!). I use Rainy Mood in a pinch but I don’t like it, the loop is too short and the recording is a bit hissy.

Trying Rain Rain now!



Also how the dishwasher is loaded.


Wish there was an app that did in a tent at a festival ambience, normally find it hard to sleep with noise but for some reason the sound of distant pounding techno and drunken revellers is very soothing


Comic book bags. I have preferences regarding thickness, shine factor and edge roughness. Not picky about acid free backing boards.


The correct vessel to drink champagne from.


Protective sleeves for penoid cards too.


I’ll only wear loose fitting cotton knit boxers


Whenever I use contactless I make sure that the card doesn’t touch the reader, otherwise it hasn’t been contactless