Nicholas Cage (NOT DEAD)

Can’t believe the bittersweet news that acting supremo Nicholas Cage will be retiring from acting in 3/4 years to concentrate on directing hasn’t already got its own thread.

Please use this thread to discuss the tour de force that his acting career has been and post clips of the remake of The Wicker Man.

He should have gone to acting school I reckon

While he’s obviously ripe for parody, I have a vast amount of love for Nic Cage. He can make pretty much anything entertaining, and when he’s on form he’s incredible. Hopefully he’ll bring the same approach to directing as he has done to acting, so every now and then something completely brilliant (maybe he could do another instalment of Bad Lieutenant, the one he’s in has a colon in the title anyway) surrounded by a ridiculous amount of pay-the-bills B-movies.

I am also now regretting abandoning my previous Nic Cage-featuring avatar.


If you start any more threads about Nicolas Cage in the future please include the words NOT DEAD in the title so I don’t panic. Unless he has died in which case Nicolas Cage: DEAD is acceptable.


His performance in Mom and Dad is one of the most entertaining things I’ve seen this year.


i’ve been meaning to start a Nicolas cage thread now for …years

but may i request that the thread title be changed to something a little more lighthearted?

Its a shame he seems to say yes to everything as it clogs his filmography up. I actually think he is an under rated actor. He is dead good in stuff like Leaving Las Vegas, Birdy nd Bad Lieutenant

If you like his OTT stuff, Deadfall is an overlooked one


I fucking love his OTT stuff. It’s hard to find the correct tone when discussing him to sound like you aren’t taking the piss. But then a lot of his acting career is like that so…


My apologies. I hope to never have to make that thread.

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Don’t forget Vampire’s Kiss

The ‘motherfucker’ scene by the basement door and the pool table disassembly are some of his finest recent moments. As a film, Bad Lieutenant: Port of New Orleans is his best Nic Cage.


When Abed has to watch his whole filmography to decide whether he’s a good actor or not is quite amusing.
Good old Community


Nicolas Cage is the exact same age as my Dad, they share a birthday and a birth year. This is amusing to me.


Really need to watch Raising Arizona again, he’s great in that.


despite all my rage I am still just a


I always wonder at what point he developed his acting style. Like, minus a few key roles, he just does the OTT Nic Cage thing. Was that something that high school drama teachers had to put up with? Him just smashing his way through a version of Macbeth all “Is this a DAGGER!! I SEE, before meeee”



Watched Moonstruck the other day, Nicolas Cage as a demented baker makes Cher look normal, outstanding film


Top 3 rom-com for me

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Top 5 Nic Cage films anyone?

5 Kick-Ass
4 Mandy
3 Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans
2 Wild At Heart
1 Raising Arizona