Nick Cave (rolling)

Enjoy Nick Cave and a hot dog at the O2

Definitely going to the Nottingham one.

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so gutted this is a flippin arena tour

you’re not drake mate (in the best possible way)

This is rather ambitious, no?

He routinely plays arenas in Aus/NZ, and the two times I’ve seen him at Glastonbury he’s subbed the Pyramid stage, so it’s not like his sound/show can’t fill the space.

Thinking about The Event - maybe a big arena show is just what he needs? Maybe something a bit more intimate would be harder for him to pull off at this stage.

Have you seen the recent set lists though? It’s very ST/PTSA heavy, which I don’t think would work so well in an arena / at a massive standing show

my best hope is that maybe there’s a big cinematic / visual element to it in keeping with the film and album being released around the same time

I’m 50-50 on whether to get a ticket for The O2. I’ve always preferred his early-mid 90s stuff like Henry’s Dream and Let Love In; the latter is his best studio album for me. I think the last time I saw him was in 2004 and so tempted for a ticket as it’s been a long time. Probably for another Nick Cave thread but Live Seeds is his/their best work. The Mercy Seat from that live album the best recording of theirs without question. Brutally brilliant.

Certain songs on Push The Sky Away - most notably Jubilee Street - go MASSIVE when played live. I can imagine certain songs from Skeleton Tree getting similarly epic treatment.

I think The Skeleton Tree covers such dark and painful territory that it’s hard to see it working in an arena.


Just noticed the press release has them touring as an 8 piece, including 3 drummers: wylder, sclavunos and Larry Mullen. At least I assume it’s going to be the u2 drummer. That’s a lot of drums.

Seeing as he’s yet again ignoring Ireland I’m trying to decide where to go.
Berlin, Amsterdam or Paris?

I’d go Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris in that order. (Based on how much fun I’ve had when going to those cities).

I’m trying to choose between Bournemouth and not at all. Years since I’ve been to an arena gig, really hate them. Obviously only considering it because it’s Nick.

Footage & reviews I’ve seen of the Australian shows look amazing so it’d be a shame to miss it. Probably not likely to tour again for a while.

Speaking of Nick Cave in Ireland…

…did you see him at Dublin Castle on the Dig Lazarus tour?

Unfortunately not and I can’t remember why.
Saw them 5 times between 2001 & 2005, including 2 of the Abattoir Blues shows, but not since.
Well overdue & quite excited at the prospect!

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It was a good night. Dave Graney supported, and they brought Shane MacGowan out for the encore. He absolutely butchered Lucy, and Nick & The Bad Seeds seemed to find it hilarious.

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That sounds about right, poor Shane… I saw the Pogues a few years ago, he was in a wheelchair sucking on a pint of vodka from a straw, but he seemed happy.
Dave Graney’s supported on a few tours, I saw him on the no more shall we part tour & he was really good. Have never gotten around to listening to any of his stuff though.

I got the album he was promoting at the time. It’s a collaboration with Clare Moore called The Lurid Yellow Mist - or maybe that’s the name of the project - and it has two EXTREMELY good songs on it.

Here’s one:

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As i said in the other thread, his show recently in Melbourne was phenomenal! A must see!

The Necks were the support here