Nick Cave (rolling)

UK tour starts on Saturday

I’m going Saturday, really looking forward to it

Saturday night was beautiful. Think it’s a really brave format and Nick composed himself very well. Some definite unexpected musical highlights - Avalanche, Love Letter and Palaces of Montezuma really floored me. Could have happily listened to him chat for hours on end.


Enjoyed the koala vs raccoon discussion.


Haha yeah! Chuckled quite a bit at his prepared lists of favourite records and novels too!

when i saw the extra Edinburgh tickets being released the other day i kinda wished i’d booked a trip over, his setlists for these look really nice. last year’s Dublin one sold out immediately and i was a bit gutted (though was still seeing The Bad Seeds the following night so couldn’t complain too much)

Any chance of you still making the trip over? Was definitely a different experience from seeing him with the Bad Seeds so worth going if you got the opportunity.

Yeah I’d avoided setlists so I’d no idea what to expect in terms of how many songs would be played. Seems like the setlist has varied slightly night by night but it’s mostly been consistent. Would have loved to have heard Stranger Than Kindness or Highs Boson Blues though

bit last minute really, might be over in August and i’m just back from London. ah well.

saw Sad Waters on some of the sets a while back

Ah fair enough! Imagine it won’t be long before another tour. Isn’t a bad seeds record due out this year or am I making things up?

Also Sad Waters would have been a show stealer! Apparently he said he’d never played Palaces of Montezuma before and that Warren was gonna be dead jealous that he had…

noticed Edinburgh is sold out again now anyway (weirdly it was showing quite a few tickets remaining when they went back on sale the other day)

yeah i’m not sure when the new Bad Seeds record is due but relatively soon i think

Hmm odd! Did it say how much those tickets were? Even the cheapest seats in Cardiff were still quite dear. Though there was some audience members seated actually on the stage so maybe that’s what the extra tickets were for…?

The extra Edinburgh tickets were for behind the stage, they weren’t on sale originally.

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Ah I seeeee! Solves my speculations :slight_smile:

Pretty sure he did ‘palaces of montezuma’ on the Grinderman 2 tour, though a solo piano version would seem like a v lovely thing…

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I was very happy with Papa Won’t Leave You, Henry. It’s one of my favourite Bad Seeds songs.


Went to the Birmingham show tonight. It was pretty special. Quite honestly, I could take or leave the Q&A, but he was interesting to listen to. Musically it was outstanding.

A particular surprise was Stagger Lee

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that is fairly surprising

this must surely be his most unlikely piano version song though:

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It was great wasn’t it. Also enjoyed the T Rex cover

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Yes that was really good. I’ve always liked them but hadn’t imagined them being given the Nick Cave treatment. But it really worked well.