Nick Cave (rolling)

So, are we all heading to see the greatest live act on the planet?
Mrs Trev & I are heading to the Amsterdam show.
To quote a lesser loved ditty “Bring It On”

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I hovered over pre-sale tickets for stalls at the London show yesterday, but at 50 quid a pop, I decided it was too much. Gutted really, not seen him since the Dirty Three ATP, but can’t justify that sort of ticket price right now.

I also did some hovering on some Level 1 presale tickets - all selected and everything - but £50+ and the venue put me off. Perhaps I’ll regret that in September.

I’m going to the 02

Haven’t seem him live for over 20 years - last time was the Murder Ballads Tour, Kylie came on to do the duet

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Going to Nottingham, and I might also be going to Manchester!

Tour starts tonight, who’s going to what shows?

Heading to the Hydro on Wednesday, super excited but curious about how his show will translate to an arena.

Can we start hyping please!

I will too be at the hydro.

I’m going to the Nottingham gig. Super hyped for it…I understand the arena worries but when it’s your first time you don’t care. Only issue is that I thought the 28th was Wednesday…so I’ll have to come from work now.

I’ve made my TV a setlist playlist as well, so she can appreciate it more.

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was hoping to fly over for one of the shows (no Irish shows sadly) but turns out to be a really inconvenient time, bit gutted. hope it’s not too long til he comes back

Nottingham as well, never seen him before. Bit of a change in tone from gig last night (Sparks at Rock City, who were ace).

I was at that gig too. Brixton?

Remember the actually tickets? They were the album cover of The Murder Ballads with the venue and dates typed in. Tickets occasionally were small works of art back then.

That one - didn’t see the tickets as I got in on a press list thing (I think)

It was 2 night as I recall, and one night PJ Harvey dueted with him, the other Kylie. I was there on the Kylie night

I was at the Kylie night too. I’d have preferred the PJ Harvey night as that duet was better. I was 20 years old in 1996 and so only had enough cash for one date at Brixton. Would easily go for two nights or three at Brixton for an early to mid-90s era Nick Cave.

Henry’s Dream, Live Seeds, Let Love In and Murder Ballads. A hell of a run of brilliant albums. I never really liked The Boatman’s Call although I queued up for hours at the big Virgin Megastore at Oxford Street to get my copy signed by him.


Going to Bournemouth in an hour or so. I’ve seen a couple of ‘solo’ shows more recently, but haven’t been to a Bad Seeds gig since 2001. Excited!


I decided to coincide Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds with a weekend away with my wife. We’re off to see them in Padova at the start of November. Will be very interested to read reports on what the shows are like in coming days.

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Yeah, I reckon it’ll be fine (especially as I am going with a good group of fans). Heard great things from some pals who saw this show in the states earlier this year.

Last time I saw Bad Seeds was at the barras on Halloween though so not sure it’ll compare to that!

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My wife and I are also taking the opportunity to have a few nights away in Amsterdam… will be seeing the bad seeds for the 1st time since 05. Pity he often skips Ireland or just plays festivals over here. Seeing the Bad Seeds in the Olympia in 2001 remains one of my all time favourite gigs.

I’m going to Nottingham. Not seen him before. Really looking forward to it. Hoping they play Easy Money and O Children but i know there’s little chance of that.

Also I’ve heard there isn’t a support act. Is this correct? Wonder what time they’ll be on and how long they’ll play?

yeah, was fully up for going to Glasgow but now i’m going to LCD that night and then turns out to be a terrible week for me to be away too much. also tempted by a little european jaunt in a couple of weeks though it would be by myself so not sure if i’ll go through with it