Nick Cave (rolling)


I ummed and ahhed about going to Bournemouth tonight, but in the end my dislike of arenas trumped my like of Nick so decided against it. Sure it’ll
be great though.


No support in Bournemouth. Came on about twenty past eight, finished about quarter to eleven.

And they were bloody fantastic. Set list similar to the last run of US shows, very much still a Skeleton Tree tour. The Bad Seeds are such a powerful live unit, and Cave is such a brilliant frontman. And there was a thing in the encore that I’m not going to mention because I don’t know if it was spontaneous or a planned thing for the tour and it’d spoil it if you went in knowing about it, but it was special. Basically what I’m saying is I don’t care how many kidneys you have to sell to get a ticket for one of these gigs, just do it.


Bournemouth was amazing, show of the year for me. Skeleton Tree material sounds huge live and works better outside of the album imo. Good mix of old classics thrown in and Bad Seeds were on top form.


Absolutely - the Skeleton Tree stuff really came alive and was so so powerful. Had chills for a lot of it. Can’t believe how much energy he’s got too! It was a really masterful performance, he had total control of the audience.


I don’t want to see a full setlist…but just out of interest did they play anything from No More Shall We Part? It’s probably my favourite of theirs…but it’s a bit underrated and doesn’t have any “hits” per se.


Going to The O2 on Saturday. As far as arenas go, I don’t mind The O2 (plus it’s local to me so bonus point for that). Bunch of friends going too so should be a good night.

Despite having seen Grinderman on both their album tours, not actually seen The Bad Seeds since the Lyre Of Orpheus/Abattoir Blues tour which seems crazy. Psyched :+1:


Afraid not…


Never mind, still mad excited for it.


it’s alright, he hardly played anything off my favourite albums, and it was still amazing.


The shows are getting incredible reviews & the comments on this thread are driving my anticipation even more. U must be pretty tempted…


Having said that the LCD shows are being raved about as well, I’m well jealous I missed tickets for Dublin.


haha. turns out i can move house on Friday now so my Saturday is freed up, very tempted to head to the London gig now but i also have a load of friends heading to a house in Donegal for a friend’s 30th that night and they’ve been trying to get me to come if it’s in any way possible, so i feel i’m gonna have to do that instead. :confused: i suppose the big bag of cans will be some comfort.


Fantastic gig in Glasgow last night, all of the Skeleton Tree stuff in particular was incredible.

Any worries about whether it would work in an arena disappeared after the opening few songs, he’s close to as good a frontman as there’s ever been.


Yep. Seems crazy to write it about the cadaverous Berlin junkie doom rocker I grew up, but he’s basically Bruce Springsteen these days, at least in terms of the rapport with the crowd, the total command of the audience. Even the stamina - a two and a half hour show and he was on the go for pretty much all of it.


I should not have come in here.


My pal said exactly the same thing, nuts that he’s singing ‘From Her to Eternity’ to an audience that large - and totally nailing it.

Fantastic gig, long live Nicky boy!


Last night in Glasgow was probably the finest live performance I have ever witnessed. How ha can go from the emotion of Anthrocene and Jesus to the riot of Tupelo and The Mercy Seat is staggering. Had some big worries about the SSE but he dominated every inch of it. And the Bad Seeds are so tight; the things Warren can do with a violin are fucking bonkers


:heart: your avatar :heart:


Oh fuck. Off. :cry:

Edit: I thought the gig was tonight so missed it last night.


gutted that im missing notts but just couldnt afford it. my housemates have gone so im having a drink and stewing in jealous rage.


Don’t worry, it wasn’t that great

It actually fucking was