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So glad I finally managed to catch them…can’t be certain I’ll get another chance. Such an engaging front man and, like others have said, the bad seeds are as tight live as any band I’ve seen.

Even though I loved it…I have to go against the grain and say the Skeleton Tree stuff was, largely, a bit flat. Love it as an album…but I was way more into the likes of Jubilee Street, Tupelo, Red Right Hand, The Ship Song and Higgs Boson Blues (although Girl in Amber gave me shivers). Just a minor gripe, though.


any good videos from this tour send them my way



The whole thing was brilliant, but loved this bit…


It was great how he managed to make the whole show so intimate and engaging.

Seeing the setlist again has just reminded me of one of my highlights - on Push The Sky Away, I’ve always loved how Jubilee Street just builds and builds without ever exploding. When they did it live and did explode the finale - loved that too :+1:


I saw them on this tour when they were in New York earlier in the year and it blew my mind. I Need You live will leave you in bits


The “In love, in love, I love, you love…and one more time with feeling” bit from Magneto was the bit that got me


ah jeez what an album that is. regretting my aversion to big venues now


Think my highlight was Higgs Boson Blues. Was a great show all round - he definitely did a great job considering the size of the venue

If I ever find myself at the 02 again though I will make sure I’m standing - I found the endless streams of people going up the stairs to the loo and the bar (and coming in at the start) near where I was sitting very distracting


I went to the Nottingham show. Nearly bought seated tickets but managed to find standing. So glad i did. I was very near the front and has to be one of the best bands I’ve seen. For a 60 year old he knows how to work the stage. I hate arena gigs but this was pretty spectacular.


Dublin date announced for next summer Wednesday June 6th, with Patti Smith supporting.
Having just seen him in Amsterdam I cannot wait for this.
Will be interesting to see how the show translates to an outdoor venue.


Gonna try and get in to Berlin show on sunday somehow… I live right by the venue so might literally just walk down and see what happens


When the European tour was announced without an Irish date, Berlin was my first choice but the dates didn’t work out.
Definitely recommend going to this.


The show here was outdoor and I thought it worked very well. It was right at the start of the tour so not absolutely everything came together, but it was definitely still excellent. If anything I thought the apocalyptic tone of Tupelo and Red Right Hand in this run were perfect for an outdoor setting and the Skeleton Tree stuff stood up to it too.


I was going to try doing the same thing.

I saw someone selling a ticket on eBay-kleinanzeigen for 60€ but they were in Munich and seemed to be looking for pickup. :frowning:


Worth keeping an eye on Facebook events etc, always face value tickets going there




if you are still looking there are tickets popping up here on the official exchange:


I’m going now aaaghhh