Nick Cave (rolling)

Prefer Lazarus myself but both good. Lyre feels like a more ‘serious’ album so I understand it being preferred by most (though Lazarus is more than the throwaway garage rock mid life crisis it’s often painted as, as are the Grinderman records)

Yep refund received! Weird that they didn’t email about it though…

According to the latest Red Hand Files, looks like the new record a) has a name and b) is potentially finished? or is at least close to being finished.

Will be interested to see if Carnage is a large departure from the PTSA/ST/G triology.

He says it was just him and Warren so probably going to be pretty close to Ghosteen?

I’m hoping for a heavy, angry sounding Nick Cave album. Probably won’t be though.


We can hope.

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Carnage - Good title, very 2021.

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I can confirm that these competitions are not a scam and you can actually win


Bloody hell, that is a beautiful fender. I can’t work out what it is; a custom job?

It’s a Warren Ellis Eastwood guitar, I think this is the model:

It came with a note from Warren:


Brilliant! I figured it was some sort of heavy guage 4-string guitar rather than a bass due to the bridge being so high on the body but I’d never come across one of them before. What an awesome thing to win!

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Yeah, I’m really chuffed with it, would very much attempt to rescue it if the flat was on fire. Need to rearrange stuff so I can try and put it somewhere nice, it’s just sitting in the case against a wall just now.

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I think Blonde that he refers to there is the Marilyn Monroe biopic coming onto Netflix at some point this year.

Mate that’s class. Would feel like such a sucker buying something like that, but amazing to win it

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Has everyone else seen this amazing clip?

Nick Cave performing Hey Joe in 1988 (I think) on an American late night show with an amazing band of jazz musicians. That’s Charlie Haden on double bass, Toots Thielemans on harmonica, David Sandborn on soprano sax, Hiram Bullock on guitar. Two great percussionists at the back but I’m not sure who they are.


28th May for the new one

carnage is a new album by nick cave & warren ellis, recorded over a period of weeks during lockdown.

although the pair have composed & recorded many soundtracks together, and ellis is a long-term member of the bad seeds, this is the first time they have released an entire album of songs as a duo.

cave describes the album as “a brutal but very beautiful record nested in a communal catastrophe.”

“making carnage was an accelerated process of intense creativity,” says ellis, the eight songs were there in one form or another within the first two and a half days.”

cave & ellis’ sonic and lyrical adventurism continues apace on carnage, an album that emerged almost by accident out of the downtime created by the long, anxious, global emergency. carnage is a record for these uncertain times - one shot through with moments of distilled beauty and that resonates with an almost defiant sense of hope.

cave and ellis’ creative chemistry is rooted in their long history of music making, both as collaborators and as individual artists. they first crossed paths in 1993, when ellis played violin on several songs for the nick cave & the bad seeds album, let love in, before going on to join the band as a full time member. the two have also recorded as grinderman, formed in 2006, and have composed and recorded numerous, film, tv and theatre soundtracks together.


They’ve whacked a bit of music on the gram

Whole album is out!


Wait wtf just happened