Nick Cave (rolling)

I pre-ordered from Piccadilly, and they say it’s released this Friday? I’m certainly expecting it this weekend/early next week.

yeah my mistake its due this friday - just annoying to see it in stock at record shops but no postage for the pre-orders… its no big thing… just having a grump…

to me you pre-order, from the artist you get it first (or at least posted first)

Oh yeah, completely agree with that. You should get it at least at the same time as those who ordered from shops!

Made my peace that I’m not seeing the Bad Seeds while they are playing arenas. This might do nicely

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Nice - any idea on the prices? Knowing Cave it’ll be £60+ a pop or something.

Not a clue what was the price when he did it on his own? that was like £70 ish

Very disappointed with this, given that the Bad Seeds are doing a whole string of Euro shows over the summer, but didn’t reschedule their cancelled UK dates. I’ve seen him in his various solo permutations over the years, and although it’s decent enough, it’s never been even a fraction as good as a Bad Seeds show.

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An inside show in early September is a bit too soon for me.

Even though arenas are crap would have been much happier with a Bad Seeds arena show, just a month or so later, where you could choose to stand at back of standing area.

The arena tour was undersold before it got pulled so I presume they decided to just be doing festival dates next year instead and not have to worry about flogging tickets. I’m guessing it’ll be something like All Points East here given the timing of the first dates.

Bradford is £37-£89

£70 for anything not ‘partial view’ at Bridgewater. Ofc

Yeah cheapest at bradford for a non restricted view was £60, can’t be arsed with that

£88 for Bridgewater sod that

Went to book tickets for Brighton but think I’ll save the £150 it’ll cost for wife and I for a Bad Seeds tour. Didn’t love the piano show a couple of years back and would rather see a full raging set for that money.

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Took leave of my senses and got a couple of £90 tickets for Oxford (which weren’t even the most expensive - they were all sold out). Middle of the third row in the stalls so hopefully decent seats.

My pal got me a ticket for this but I haven’t dared to ask him how much it was yet…