Nick Cave (rolling)



Tickets booked. Cannot wait!


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I’ve been feeling for a while that I’d like to talk to people about things. I’m not sure what to do with that. I’ve sort of had this idea of doing some kind of interview but I’m not sure that a regular press interview is the appropriate place to talk about certain things. Maybe some sort of dialogue beyond that might be valuable, where I can talk directly to people, in a more personal way. There seems to be some sort of understanding that now exists with our audience. The idea of an open dialogue with them seems a worthwhile thing to explore. Perhaps we might try and set up a series of events that are dialogues or conversations or something. Let things flow a little. I don’t know. I’m thinking maybe to take it on the road? What do you think?



This was just emailed out, not sure what’s planned.


Presumably some kind of Evening With Nick Cave affair - a few sections from his books, some storytelling, maybe a submitted Q&A, a bit of piano to finish…


Yeah that’s what it sounds like to me too. I missed when he did it around Bunny Munro but it seemed great.



Nick Cave in an arena? Plastic seats, crap alcohol, horrible security, corporate hell hole. Nah. Not in a million years. Also I’m currently at 199 NC gigs so my 200th had better be special.


You’ve been to 199 Nick Cave gigs?


Indeed I have. I first saw him around the time of Your Funeral My Trial and by the time Tender Prey came out I was going to every show in the UK and a lot in Europe. Grinderman and Dig Lazarus Dig left me cold so I stopped but I’ve seen him a few times since then and now find myself at 199 gigs.


Impressive. Don’t be put off by an arena gig. Saw them last year and was sceptical it being in an arena. Probably the second best gig I’ve been to.


To be honest I haven’t listened to the last album much. I don’t wanna say too much but death crossed my path just before it came out and I cannot bare to listen to it. I need time away listening to just-keep-smiling fake-it-til-you-make-it music. Or relaxing-soothing-sssshhhhh-now-rest music.


Sorry to hear that.


I can’t go to the Victoria park show anymore. We have 2 tickets. If anybody wants them let me know. Will offer discounted rate


Thanks! It’s all good though, I appear to have become a massive optimist so enjoy listening to Nick’s storytelling albums rather than introverted painful work.


I’m relatively new to Cave. Can’t get enough of him now though. Seeing him in the Summer. Outdoor gig should be good. Hope it’s more of a best of set as when I saw them it was mainly the new album which is to be expected. Loved it though.


Ah well you have a huge, rewarding catalogue to enjoy! He is the absolute best live performer EVER, when he’s on fire no-one can touch him. As long as the crowd is decent an outdoor gig will be amazing!!!

If you ever get the chance then see him in Berlin, they see him as their Prodigal Son and the crowds are NUTS!!!


I saw Pearl Jam in Berlin. That was Immense. The fans there are totally different to UK audiences.


Aren’t they!!! Sometimes Brit crowds can be too cool for their own good. The Belgians are wonderfully bonkers as well!


seeing him in Dublin for the first time this summer, also an outdoor gig, the Skeleton Tree-heavy sets last year looked great but i’d love a good old best-of set as well tbh