Nick Cave (rolling)


New acts announced for Victoria Park

The Psychedelic Furs
The Black Lips
Baxter Dury
Nadine Shah
Bo Ningen


Anyone else seeing Distant Sky this evening?




Yes, can’t wait! It works as a perfect primer for going to see him live next month.

The trailer is spine-tingling


Been avoiding trailers til now, I actually got goosebumps there watching that just now!
Saw the show in Amsterdam… best gig I’ve ever been to & seeing them again in Dublin in June


Working unfortunately!


Sadly not. Out working in Lisbon and despite them showing it here, I’m not sure I can convince my colleague to spend the last night in a cinema.
That said, I’m making up for it in little custard tarts.


According to the cinema screening it tonight, it’s a 90 minute film. The show I saw on the tour was more like two and a half hours though. That’s quite a bit to cut…


My local cinema lists the run time as 135 minutes. It had better be that long for twenty of the Queen’s pounds.


Yeah, it’s definitely 135 minutes!


just noticed there’s an extra screening on now later at night so tempted to get out of work slightly early and go. hmmm.


It’s a great film. We saw it tonight.


I echo these sentiments. Brilliant.


Fuck it, ticket bought. Even though I’m seeing him IRL pretty soon


Well that was all sorts of brilliant.
Bit weird watching in a cinema during the likes of jubilee street and stagger lee where u just want to lose your shit!
Think it’s a really valuable document of a very special tour… will surely get a nice box set type release too.
Roll on Kilmainham in June


It was all kinds of messiah like power smashing genius. Some phenomenal crowd interaction which if not staged - was astonishing. He changed that young kids life at the end I’m thinking.


Main thing is there were a bunch of people clapping in our showing and TBH it was a bit weird not to clap after if you get me? A bit like how I have an instinctive desire to say ‘thanks’ to Alexa after I’ve ordered it to play a song or something.


I found exactly the same thing. No one clapped after the first two or three songs but I definitely felt the urge. And then by the time he was onto tracks 4 and 5 (admittedly non-Skeleton Tree faves) people seemed to have made their peace with it, probably via whispered conversations with their partner to check it wasn’t weird, and were clapping every song.


Ah for us (down in the Sun Theatre in Yarraville) it seemed more like it was only as we got to sort of Red Right Hand and stuff and I presumed the corner doing it were just getting well into their beers by then! :smiley:


I felt the urge at first but no one did and then it went away.