Nick Cave (rolling)


I reckon about half of the audience were clapping and the other half were probably repressed British types like me.


Nicely put!

But also very much this ^ and found myself getting a bit restless at times…


Did a similar thing with a young lad at the end of the Amsterdam show… maybe coincidence.
Would be pretty hard to stage that type of interaction with so many people on the stage.


Did u watch it in Ireland… typical Irish audience thing I guess. Unlikely to draw attention to ourselves without a few beers on board!


I let out an instinctive ‘wooh!’ after he said ‘I wanna tell you about a girl’ at the start of her From Her to Eternity… was suitably embarrassed afterwards though.


Belfast! Tbf the initial sold out show was earlier in the evening and I went to the later extra showing that was less than half full (nice and spacious though)


would be happy with a similar set although kinda hoping they’re in a slightly more festivally mode this summer with a couple more oldies thrown in. even though i think some of the old tracks still have a bit of a Mick Harvey shaped hole in them live these days.


Anyone going to the Dublin gig might be interested in this:


Also more tickets out for the gig itself on Friday:


My wife can’t get the time off work so i now have a spare ticket for Dublin show on Wednesday. PM me if interested.


anyone been to the recent shows? Dublin was fantastic

gutted i couldn’t get tickets to the Q&A though, they were like gold dust. sounds really great:


Primaverasound set was excellent…captivating, raw, highly moving.


New live EP incoming…


Just seeing that they played this the other night

Sounds great




And in other Nick Cave news…


FINALLY! :smiley:

this has been in the pipeline for years. think he originally scrapped it because he thought it would be a bit inappropriate to plough ahead with it against the backdrop of the global economic crisis.


Wow! They have Nick Cave statues now…
I waaaant ooone!


RIP Conway - shit news


Ah christ, that’s awful. He was a great pianist and vocalist.