Nick Knowles- perfection

I need/can never listen to What’s Going On again

He just did a foghorn leghorn impression

Do some fucking work!

Im ill!!!

Just been lying in bed watching michael portillo (and now nick knowles) all day. Think i might be losing my mind.

He’s a nice guy, but he’s no Bradley Walsh.

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He’s not popular in Wales after slating our hero Nigel Owens ref performance on the weekend. (Nige seemed to have a good game to me but what do I know)

I would have let Pat Sharp queue jump in front of me just to see that glorious mullet up close and rustling on the ride as wind caught it

Was he on a train? I like that show (particularly when he’s in the US and he’s somehow basically a Marxist compared to them)

I believe it was the Congo River Rapids where I saw him so I do not know how his hair performed.

Yep - on a train in the us. His general twattishness only shone through occasionally tbf, but informative that he mostly focused on going round the old haunts of the ultra rich industrialists and military history (as well as civil rights tbf)

Please tell me what Portillo was wearing.

A variety of different coloured jackets and trousers (never matching). Sometimes red @hip_young_gunslinger style, sometimes orange, sometimes green.

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I am sorry to disappoint but I have been out of the coloured trouser game ever since I left the book industry a few years back. I do still have a pair of salmon pink chinos in the cupboard but I do not think they would fit.

Oh no! Perhaps @xylo is still doing his bit for the industry?

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i saw one of those where he was in ireland, wearing a bright green jacket, white shirt and gold trousers, which impressed me a lot (despite being an insane outfit)


I had a run in with him a number of years ago at the Boat Show at earls court (I was working on the Princess stand and he was presenting some guff show.)

I will spare the details but trust that he is not a nice man. I am quite delighted that his ex-missus has been calling him out on twitter.

The Nick Knowles bits in Nomad are great.

Can’t find them…

Apropos of nothing, does ol mikey p frequent your establishment?