Nicked anything good from work lately?

(other than “their time!!!” due to posting on DiS haha!!!)

I need some plastic sleeve things for folders and some dividers, for penoid reasons. There’s a whole cupboard of them going unused. Silly not to.



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The hearts of my co-workers and some bog roll.

Shit it’s the boss. Look busy!

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Printed shitloads of D&D stuff off. The background is full colour so I rinsed the ink. :frowning:


Roll for charisma if you get called out on it. You’ll be fine.

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I’ve got a -13 modifier on charisma

Just roll a natural 20. I’m no statistician, but I reckon the odds on that must be pretty good.

Well, you need to carve quite a bit out of the die to spell a number 20 on it, so that side must be lighter than most of the others. That’s science.

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Just pens really.

Loads of labels with the old company logo on it. I now label everything.

I use the company post to send out stuff I’ve sold on Ebay.

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recently got into the habit of just putting my mug in my bag at the end of the day instead of taking it down to the kitchen, so have about 6 mugs.

loads of promotional copies of books too.