Are they really as bad as people say they are? Really?

Will people have one of those moments where they suddenly confess to liking them like what happened with Limp Bizkit?

I’ve only heard two songs of theirs, for all I know there’s some hidden Gold on those albums. Do you know? Have you listened to them? Have you really listened?

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Cannot for the life of me remember how any of their songs actually went, not a good sign. I do remember a lyric about “your knickers around your knees” though.

How You Remind Me was a bloody great tune. All went rapidly and hideously downhill after that though.


Rockstar is one of the worst songs ever committed to tape, but aside from that they’re not that bad really. They seem to enjoy doing a James Blunt and trolling people on twitter who send them grief, which is definitely the sort of thing I’d do if I were in their band, so I’m largely ambivalent to them.

##Stone Cold Classic:

They always just seemed to me like a regular rock band that got a big break and ran with it through no fault of their own - don’t understand the hatred they inspire but, conversely, I ain’t expecting them to change the world.

“Look at that photograph…” :grin:

Silver Side Up has some good tunes on it mind #nostalgicafterthought


They are woeful.

I’ll go so far as to say they’re not that bad. But I also can’t imagine how I’d feel if I had to listen to them all day on the radio either.

Nickleback are total merkins.

rockstar is genuinely the worst song ever written. it sounds like it was written by aliens whose only contact with people was 20 minutes of fucking fox news. even if they had, like, 6 forgotten albums of absolute indisputable nailed-on classics, the fact that they wrote that song would still make them the worst band to ever exist.

also, who the fuck ever admitted to liking limp bizkit?


Will people have one of those moments where they suddenly confess to liking them like what happened with Limp Bizkit?

Eh? Who has ever confessed to liking Limp Bizkit?

As for Nickelback - I’ve heard two songs (the big ones) and they are both terrible.

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Limp Bizkit got a reappraisal when people realised how hilarious they are



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Fucking hell

Is “going disco” a thing at the moment because that video really reminded me of this

they’re canadians mate


i used to like this one in 2001


They’ve made some really naff songs but the songs they got big off (How You Remind Me, Someday) are catchy meat & potatoes rock. Don’t hate them like lots of people seem to, but then I don’t have to listen to them at all.