Nickname you use at Lazerquest


I’m nearly always ‘James Bond’.


How often do you go?!



At least once a year.


They have nicknames now? Thought it was just colour and number?


came in to post exactly this


Red 13.




Yer Man Bon Iver


What, from when I was 10?!


Unsuspicious Man


lots of people here pretending that they don’t go to lazerquest at least once a year…


My daughter had her party at Laserquest last year. I used to go all the time when I was young, so I went in with them ostensibly to keep an eye on them. Shot the absolute shit out of them, won by miles. Was ace.


Nice one, mate :thumbsup:


I should probably feel bad, but I still laughed even typing it up.


That kind of thing is literally the entire point of becoming a parent isn’t it?


That and making them believe any old nonsense that comes in to your head.


i’ve never even been to lazer quest


I’ve only been to (on?) a lazerquest once in my life, and I was 13, and even then I thought it was crap.
It was in Swansea though which may have tainted things further (please no poverty jokes ty).


Gutted mate, Lazerquest is fucking brill