Nickname you use at Lazerquest

when i was little there was no lazer quest on the isle of wight and OH MY GOD NOW THERE IS



never been to lazerquest on the mainland

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Songs from your local Quasar/Laserquest

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oh blimey it was always a metal gear solid character. probably ocelot or volgin or something

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Mr Sifters m8. Been that for everything since first asked for a screen name by quake 3 back in '99. Which incidently might also have been the last time i went lazerquesting.

Is that one in Kingston even still there?


I went once for a mate’s birthday party when I was about 10. Probably just put my name in tbh.

Proper gash when you got given a faulty gun. Especially when you were the birthday boy :frowning:

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I went a few weeks ago with work and they were auto-assigned. Our team were named after computer game characters and I was Sonic, which I was pretty pleased with. The other team were named after famous car manufacturers, so they had ‘Volvo’, ‘Audi’, ‘Saab’.


Guess what I found on my Facebook feed? It was 2015, not last year, but still. I sure showed Max Game who was boss though. He would have been 6 or 7, for reference.


Last time I went to laserquest Sam got in a K-hole


as a Kingston resident, no it’s not, completely forgot it used to be there tbh.

Classic Sam



Thing I liked at our local one was it had an observation room in the midst of the action which gave you all the advantages of being in a dark room with none of the disadvantages of playing lazerquest

Lazequest is shite. Can’t tell if you’re hitting someone or they’re hitting you, or what’s going on. Don’t get that problem with fucking paint and blood

My TV is going on Sunday for a mate’s 30th. I’m riding round the Isle of Wight with some wankers from this place. Not going to lie, I’m quite envious of her.

In reply to the OP, I haven’t been since I was 12, so I don’t have nickname I use at lazerquest.