Nicknames for places - Let's think of some new ones

You know like how Sheffield is Steel City or Oklahoma is The Sooner State or whatever.

It probably won’t be but it might be fun to think of some of our own for places.

Just to let you know in advance I have very low expectations for this thread and would be fine with it turning into a chat about something completely unrelated to the OP.

Ooo! Theo thought of a good one!


Sheffield could be shitfield, if you wanted to be derogatory. Dunno, never been.

(mainly posting that so I can laugh at @roastthemonaspit’s reply again)

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That is a very funny post.

However, I’m looking for them to follow a ‘The [SOMETHING] City/State/Town’ format or something like that

Individual places aren’t really known for anything anymore, just damp identikit Brexit mush.

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Birmingham = England’s second city
Manchester = England’s true second city


Until now!

Cambridge = The Copenhagen of the Fens


I’m in love with this!


Ely = The heart of Hareward The Wake country

Alright calm down.

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Ok. Thanks for your time anyway.

Feel free to chat about something else in here if you want.

Millenium Dome = MillDoe
M&M World = M Squared Planet
Lebanon = Lebbers
Hoe Chi Minh City = The Ol’ Four Words In Vietnam
McDonalds = Tesspatross
Lampeter = Carbunkle
Accrington Stanley = Milky Milky
Birmingham = Hawaii Five-O
South Kensington = Not North Kensington, Know What I Mean?
Solihull = Sunny Hull
Hull = Miserable Hull
Bangor = Oi Oi!
Aisle Of White = Isle Of Wight
The United States Of America = BING
Woolworths = Sheep Value
Tribeca = DObeca
Fenchurch Street = Fezza Streeza
Brackla = Bllllllll
Northampton = :avocado:
Halfords = Herbet’s Shoe
Clitheroe = Vagina Champione
Cardiff = Ben
Southampton = :kaaba:
The island from Lost = Lozzerati


Is that… Mecca…?

Norwich - The Mustard City. I can start using this in regular discourse today if people are keen on it.

Please do.


It’s not often that I have reason to bring up The Mustard City, but should the opportunity arise, then this will be the term I use.

the social board = soccy b (pronounced ‘so-shay bee’)

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