Nicknames for usernames


Nothing worse. ‘ruffers’, ‘pnikkers’. That only came about cos the pool of users became stagnant with no new people signing up. The overfamiliarity. No one ever say them again.

If you tag yourself as part of the threads you make

sorry Bshugs.


soz sugar


Was going to call you suggers to lampoon your post but that just looks weird. Barlers, as well.


barleywanker, more like




barelycare who you are



Get fucked




Fuck it’s like burns night in here


I prefer Geoff.


You just don’t know, know
How I I
I like it down low
And I just want you to know
That I think our love will grow
Will take it step by step
Because I’m not something you own


We would have given you an affectionate nickname if there was any reason at all to do so mate


you just don’t know, know
how I I
I like it down low


You’ve all got Chintzy to thank for that. Dunno if she’s migrated over yet.


well, fuck





thanks to you and jeremy for this, I would also have accepted the sixpence none the richer song