Nicknames you have for places

P Dubz = Paddock Wood*
Sunny Tunny = Tunbridge Wells*
Chazza Crazza = Charing Cross

*common parlance

Cas Vegas and Ponte Carlo- Castleford and Pontefract

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Bearhead - Cardiff (predictive text)
The Costa/Costa Del Cawl - Porthcawl
think that’s it

Shitham - Witham
cunt pit - London


The Ton - Teddington
The Nam - Twickenham (you weren’t there, man)

KDY - Kirkcaldy

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stinkin’ london: london

Someone on here once referred to Bracknell as “the Paris of Berkshire”. That’s stuck with me.

Walthamstow - Awesomestow

someone at work lives in Bracknell, will start referring to it like that as I know it will annoy him :thumbsup:

big fan of Chazza Chazza btw

Baz Vegas - Basildon
St Evenage - Stevenage
Muesli Hill - Muswell Hill

Faux-posh names for places in London.

Clapham becomes “Claaaaahm”.

Battersea becomes “Batay-zee-a”.

Putney is Putters.

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Windy City - Chicago

St. Reatham

Brockley = Brockers

Any version of Dulwich = Dully

Penge = PONJAY

Loughborough Junction: Luffy Jay Jay

Sydenham = Syders

Crystal Palace = Crissy Pee

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Holborn = Mid Town
Fitzrovia - Noho

Ponjay :smiley:

Is Penge meant to be pronounced like Stonehenge? Kind of sounds rude.

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Yep :smiley: