Please regale us with tales of your terrible nickname, your friends’ terrible nicknames, worst nickname in school, any ludicrous sporting nicknames, your general nickname chat, basically.

Someone I know gloried in the nickname Pants at school, for a while. Came about because one week he failed to get his PE kit washed and just left it in his bag, it was honking when he put it on. He became Cheesy, then Cheesy Pants, then Pants. He got a bowling ball engraved with PANTS, too. Kudos for buying in and owning it, I guess, but really. Where’s the sell-on value?

I am also partial to a good-natured ribbing of a terrible sportsman - your Eric the Eel and your Eddie the Eagle, and so on. Not so much the American style, where atrocities such as Johnny Football are ten a penny.

Nicknames please.

Big fan of Ashley Giles’ nickname, King of Spain

In that series he gained the nickname “King of Spain”, after a set of mugs ordered in 2000 (for his testimonial year) were erroneously printed with that slogan, instead of “King of Spin”.[1] There were originally only two of these mugs produced, one of which Giles used for his coffee in the dressing room (this mug was subsequently stolen), and another on display in the club shop. However, after the error was publicised, a further two hundred mugs were produced with King Juan Carlos on the other side and were snapped up by Warwickshire fans.


At uni I was nicknamed ‘ping pong’, because when I found out a bit of gossip on a night out I was like a ping pong ball going between various groups passing it on. I’ve matured now obviously.

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Nicknames are legion among my friends. I’ve been known as Mr.K since I was fifteen but other mates have ended up with odder ones. One friend has been called Jangles since secondary school after some wag made a very confused reference to ‘The Green Mile’. Even his parents call him Jangles now!

One mate is still called Pancho to this day due to his resemblance to Pancho from ‘Dirty Sanchez’. He’s from a town where everyone had a nickname. Swine/Shark, Glamour, Bull, Magic and the Rat are all nicknames that I’ve heard used for people from Fethard.

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None myself but remember a good few classics from my local area including Shrapnel, Chopper, Sheepo, Bin Juice.

I work with someone who’s nickname is ‘Night Club’ because they talk so loudly ALL the time (literally shouting in your ear like you’re both at a club)


I would like to learn more about Bin Juice.


He was a man (myth, legend) who would regularly take baths in a barrel (bin) outside his garage in the heat of Summer


Didn’t disappoint. Classic Bin Juice.


Take it to the list of So Solid Crew members

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@discobot who is this ‘8ball’ joker?

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Still vivid memories of standing waiting for chips and hearing people shout “OH! BIN JUICE! YOUR FOODS READY”


people call me margate coz it’s a portmanteau of my names. not a fan but am past the point of caring about it now, though it does lead to stuff like margs, marge, marjorie, bam margera, etc. which is kind of annoying.

You know whenever you see groups of lads on stag dos with those personalised t-shirts/polo shirts or whatever… there’s always a Wolfman isn’t there. Always a Wolfman.


* Big Bollox Benny

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And Beer Monster (varieties thereof).

Saw a hen do in these this weekend and the names were… filthy…

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