Nicola Bulley

I know it’s increasingly likely that whatever has happened to her is a tragedy, but am I the only person to be absolutely fascinated by this case? Even one of the police in charge of the search said it was the strangest case of someone disappearing he’d ever seen. Still not really sure what I think happened. Unfortunately it seems a lot of ghouls are now turning up at the site of her disappearance, which isn’t going to help anybody.

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For anyone unfamiliar

Yeah, it’s so tragic. Her poor family, especially as like you say, the ghouls have descended because it’s unsolved. I really hope they get the care and support they need.


Couple of people at my work are convinced that she’s run off with someone. Seems incredibly unlikely imo.

The dog is one of the weirdest factors


yeah, the dog is odd. You wouldn’t just leave a beloved pet running wild. I think she probably drowned, seems the most likely outcome, but who knows.
Not saying they shouldn’t, but weird how police find resources for certain missing people and basically dgaf about 95% of them.


The cottage industry that’s shot up to grift off the back of this story is absolutely horrendous.


It’s 100% this.


The other thing is that if she’d been attacked then surely the dog wouldn’t just be waiting around by the bench?

Everyone thinks they can solve crime these days from watching a few Netflix docs and listening to a few podcasts.


Haven’t fully followed this story, what’s weird about the dog? I assumed the dog got into the river and she went to rescue it.

Dog was dry and found wandering around a short time distance away from the river

Yeah, it’s really uncomfortable.

Your first instinct hearing about something like this is how sad it is. Then I think it’s natural to be intrigued - it’s so out of the ordinary, there’s a natural mystery to it.

But the stuff that’s happening on social media with the armchair detective stuff is genuinely a bit stomach churning.

People freeze framing interviews with her husband to try and prove he did it. Questioning the agenda of the volunteer divers. Literally turning up and measuring distance to local campsites and casting aspersions on travellers and others. It’s horrible.

Like I said, I understand the fascination, but people become so ghoulish, and just forget that at the heart of this is a broken family.


Her dog is a spaniel isn’t it? My parents dog is a spaniel and she would probably be able to find her way back to the car or somewhere via scent. I don’t think she’d just stay put but who knows? She’d almost definitely get in the water, especially if my dad did?

She went missing recently when they were on holiday and still managed to get herself back to the cottage they were staying at.

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Ngl I find this really disturbing… It doesn’t make any sense. That she was on the Teams call when she disappeared I think is really eerie

Seems like the police are thinking she fell in the river because no witnesses saw her leave. Which has a logic to it, but if she fell in the river you’d think there would be some evidence of the slip/attempt to get out? And it doesn’t explain why the phone was found on the bench.


dog was found dry, so not been in river. She had also stopped taking a ball out for it as it had got possessive over it, so not like the ball went in the water and she went to retrieve it.
A woman who came along found the dog loose, with its harness on the floor…then instead of taking the dog the woman tied it to a bench and left the phone there, and then called round for a few hours (?) to try and find the owner.

Oh yeah, I didn’t start this thread for endless speculation or anything really, just think it’s a very interesting and obviously tragic thing to have happened and worth talking about.


this is what i find odd. and also the level of media attention for certain cases and not others. I’m not trying to diminish the sadness of this case with Nicola Bulley but i just find it weird.

in 2019 there were 131,062 females reported missing in the uk. Who decides which ones get this level of intrigue/attention? Im sure some of those 131 thousand cases had some ‘weird’ aspects.

(if anyone feels it’s insensitive to bring this up in this thread apologies and happy to delete)

I think we all know why…. :eyes: