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I find it equally scary and fascinating, and haven’t been able to adequately express my feelings on it all. I have a gut feeling something awful has happened, obviously, and feel terribly for the family and genuinely cannot get my head round the situation.

The really odd thing i the information that the police have given out. Like, all the details - surely that is the kind of stuff they used to not tell folk? Like, telling us the dog was dry, that she stayed on a teams call after it closed, the miniscule time window of the dissappearance, it’s all a lot of detail and no answers, which as @meowington says just leads those fucking armchair detectives to think they’ll be able to solve it from their fucking twitter feed.

I’ve avoided it as i’m not on Twitter, but the articles about the abuse… i don’t think i could handle it.

Yeah I don’t really know why they give out those kinds details when really they should only give details pertaining to someone spotting her like she could have left the field via this road etc.

The most confusing aspect for me is why the police were so quick to assert that she must be in the river. Short of compelling physical evidence (like her footprints at the water’s edge or something) I don’t see why that was almost immediately presented as the likely option? Just say you don’t know and you’re looking into all possibilities?


I guess the former is to prove the latter, which is used to appeal for dashcam footage or other witnesses in the area at that time.

If someone fell into a river and there were other people around, someone else may have heard them getting into difficulties or noises/dog barking etc - I’m assuming?

Didn’t know about people turning up to the crime scenes and stuff like that. Social media users analysing all the stuff in the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp case was awful enough, but seeing that some people are now feeling emboldened enough to insert themselves into investigations… it’s a terrifying step and I have no idea how it can be reigned in. True crime as a genre has been ghoulish dogshit for a while, especially since stuff like Making a Murderer. Maybe before even, I’m not sure. None of this helped by the police seeming to be handling it very poorly. It all makes me very angry.

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I think it was a reasonably steep drop from the river bank down to the river, so I’m not sure a small dog would jump in (but idk if it was less steep just further up/down the river though, I have no idea).

The whole thing seems odd and really sad.

I can only find it extremely sad and scary. Don’t really want to speculate because it’s grizzly to dwell on how somebody probably died all of sudden while minding their daily business.

Sometimes people die extremely suddenly and unexpectedly and their lives and everything they wanted out of them are over with no warning. The everybody who knew and loved them has to make sense of it and figure out their own lives. It sounds fucking horrible.

About 10 years ago a guy at work didn’t turn up one morning. I think he was about 22, I didn’t know him. And a few hours into the shift we were told he’d been walking along the pavement to work that morning and suddenly a motorbike hit him and he died instantly. It’s always stuck with me as extremely chilling. I privately get intrusive thoughts all the time that I can’t shake about either Me or Her Indoors dying all of a sudden, the feeling never leaves me how horrible the suddenness of it is.


A couple of my work colleagues are pointing the finger at a person they think is responsible (I don’t want to repeat these baseless allegations here). I got very angry with them and called them a disgrace. People are weird.


This sort of thing hasn’t started in my office yet but it’s exactly the sort of thing that pisses me off on a regular basis (usually transphobic shite) and I’m expecting it to start again soon. There’s one person in the office who is a huge fan of true crime so I’m surprised this hasn’t been mentioned already.

Just went to speak to a colleague and he had the BBC news article up on his computer. Turns out he went to school with her, and he’s a bit shook up :frowning:


A similar thing happened to my mate. Spoilers: CW death and grief.


A new guy started working with my mate, who I worked with, and he was a really difficult boss. Giving them really short deadlines and struggling to not be a dick. My mate complained about him all the time, calling him an arsehole. So they were going to do a massive review of a project, in the client’s offices, and my mate was scrambling around for hours and days before working late nights.

The morning of the meeting, the boss just doesn’t show up. Mate is fucking fuming, calls me at the break and is fucking raging, i’d never heard him so angry. Said he’d called the guy loads and there was no answer. I hung up and called our respective heads of department, who answered and explained he’s had a massive stroke and died.

That shook me. I called my mate and explained the situation. He was shook.

I will always think of that. Really intrusive thoughts. Sorry.


definitely before too

reminder for anyone who doesn’t know that Reddit (which I generally defend, don’t think it’s especially worse than most other social media sites, there’s good and awful stuff all mixed in together) was partly responsible for a totally innocent guy being investigated for this

Boston Marathon bombing - Wikipedia

from what I remember there was just a megathread right after the incident, everyone spiralling off different theories and ideas, and ended up identifying a few people based on some spurious stuff they thought they’d found. Some of those people then ended up on the front cover of an edition of the NY Post, and all the abuse and negative that would be associated with that - even though they were entirely cleared in just a 20 min police interview. Armchair detectives fucking up lives of entirely irrelevant people from across the country, just to try to feel involved


I’m not sure it’s a new thing, although maybe it is worse now. I remember when Madeleine McCann went missing one of my colleagues was totally obsessed with it and was always spouting off her absurd racist or homophobic theories about it.


To be fair, it wasn’t almost immediately they said about this, the press conference where they said this was 7 days after. And they also stated they were, (and are) following up every single other piece of information. The police cop a lot of flack, and quite rightly so but I think they’re really doing what they can.

Reading this thread, I am pleased I don’t know anyone like the armchair detectives people mention, would drive me mad. Same as people seem to be breaking into places near the river looking for her, I heard that and was astounded.

about 10 years ago i found out that a good friend of mine had died via the BBC News homepage. incredibly weird experience.

u wot!?!?! is this for real. fucking hell.

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From what they said, sounds like sheds and things like that…but yes. The police politely asked people to stop!


Yeah, goes back a long long way


Even the most amateur detective on his first podcast episode ought to know better than contaminating a potential crime scene with their DNA