Nicola Bulley

There’s quite a lot about this in David Simon’s Homicide: A Year on the Killing Streets. Hundreds of murders a year in Baltimore and the detectives can spot the 1 or 2 cases (I think they call them red balls) a year that will take up all the departments resources and press coverage.

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cheers…That book is on my shelf…maybe i’ll finally read it!!!

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Brilliant book imo.


This happened when I worked at Newsround and my god, the fucking deranged shit the “reporters” were coming up with in the office still pisses me off to this day.


Gosh I faintly remember all of that. I hope there’s some kind of reckoning about doing stuff like this, but I’m not getting my hopes up!

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Yep, here they go.

her partner visiting and having a ‘quiet’ moment ffs

Saw a go fund me was set up with 100k target to ‘bring her home’ which all feels very captain tom. (although it has since been closed i think)

Yes - i was an absolute fool of a took and checked #nicolabulley on twitter. You were all right. Horrific.

(someone suggested the police look into what her husband had been up to at the time (as if they hadn’t) someone else said yeah, he was at home and on their cctv. The response? ‘has anyone checked if he faked the cctv’? jesus wept.


One of the top tweets I kept seeing if you searched her name was this

What are you even meant to say to that, people are just unhinged


Spouting off theories to your mates/family has always happened. I think we’re referring to the proper in depth analysis and reaching out to news/police via twitter/Instagram/TikTok like you’ve got the answer or you’re a crime expert.

Saw one reply to a new story which was not far off “hun check the underground water pipes. I’ve googled the river and they have them. Not the first time someone’s been sucked in a pipe hun x”

(hun’s for exaggerated effect)


There is a subreddit for this too which a friend showed me to demonstrate all the things above about armchair detectives. Couldn’t brinf myself to even look at it. Too ghoulish.

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There are some parallells to the case of Noah in Belfast (poor kid)

A not insignificant group of people completely lost it over that case and are still dragging out the tragedy and trauma for all affected by it, particularly his mother.

(Should clarify that, imo, Occam’s razor suggests the psni did mess something up with their initial search/investigation into Noah, but from what I’ve read I don’t think it’s some JFK level coverup)

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Fuck, the amount of absolute melters going on about that. There was even a “political party” set up for the last election and their sole policy was to uncover the truth

The amount of cars you see with #noahsarmy or some other shit is frightening


… are you sure? That would be about one in every 270 women in the UK being reported missing

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According to this

That number is for all people, of which 43.4% were ’female’

so even more males are going missing every year? has to be just people making reports too early because they’ve taken a bit longer than usual to get back from Tesco or something, surely.


There are some ’unknowns’ I think

But Yeah, someone is reported missing in the UK every 90 seconds, mostly children, especially children in care/foster homes etc

Very bizarre statistics, and seemingly under-reported


No I think you’ve misread, it says that is the number for females

This year in E&W, 57% (170,757) of all missing person incidents involved males, 43% (131,062) involved females

@profk it does also say

In E&W, nearly all reported missing cases (96%) resulted in no harm

(I think this means 96% of resolved cases)


Most missing person incidents were resolved within 2 days of being reported: 84% in E&W and 98% in Northern Ireland. In Scotland, 75% of missing people were found within 1 day and 97% within 7 days

And that the most common reasons for being missing are personal circumstances kinds of things rather than being the victim of crime.


I guess giving those details increases curiosity from the public which increases media coverage and vigilance to look out for her. Or it could be just to send a message, if they actually think someone was involved, that puts pressure on them - like we know it wasnt an accident, we’re looking for you.

Tbf i reckon most times they put zero thought or care into what they release but every oncee in a while they’re actually pretty canny.


You’re right, i read it wrong. I read it as 43% of that figure were female, rather than that figure being 43% of the total

Also a bit confusing between number of incidents & number of missing people

170,000 people reported missing in 353,000 incidents

While this is comforting, that other 4% is still a rather large 6,800 people

Yeah, loads of kids get reported missing then their parents find them two minutes later hiding/playing/at a friend’s house etc. But they’re still reports regardless so its a very strange figure to analyse isn’t it.