Nicolas Jaar new album Sirens announced

​N​ew LP ​comes out next Friday. It’s 6 songs and 42 minutes long.

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i want it now.

Nicolas Jaar is my Roy Montgomery

I don’t understand the hype at all, find him quite dull/ponderous

Should probably listen to that Pomegranates record though because I like the film

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Fair play. Pomegranates works well with the images of the film. A bit that the films soundtrack is already perfect for the visuals so has little point. On its own it’s hit and miss. Sounds like a soundtrack not something that can stand on its own.

Anyway having I’ve had a think and I think I know what I don’t like about Roy and that is that it never quite transcends a bloke messing around on a guitar for me.

i feel the same way when i listen to his material. last year i went to see him perform tho, and it was quite badass. not sure how much of it was his material, maybe some, maybe all. it was just him at a nightclub. had the crowd in the palm of his hand. serious soundscapes.

haha, fair enough, we’ll have to agree to disagree

Nicolas Jaar is a strange one because he has this reputation as being a bit more than just a dance/electronic musician, kind of has this auteur air and seems to have crossed over in a big way (I saw one of his recent London shows sold out quickly)

I just find the music a bit moribund. Maybe will give it another go.

Listen to ‘Fight’ - it is mesmerising.

Even if you do have to get 3 mins in to get to the groovy bit.

i need this right now.

Album streaming tonight: 6pm NY time on channel 333. (

Should be 11pm UK time then. Might give it a listen!

Streaming now.

Track by Track review:

01. Killing Time

Very pretty piano slow build up very relaxed and ambient with strange distorted barely decipherable vocals on top. Builds and swells. Really ace production. Certanly has more in common with Space is Only Noise then his more dance tracks. Although with a smoother production. Very pretty. Almost radiohead like cut vocals in the background. 8/10

02. The Governor

Starts off with a watery beat. The vocals remain wispy. He seems to have given up on the clunky baritone going for a very production sounding falsetto. This track is a slow steady tempo and is less interesting. Still some pleasant washes of sound in the second half of the track. Going for a after party vibe. Just chilled out music. Some woman vocal sounds (?) in the mix towards the end. 6/10

03. Leaves

Starts of quite New Wave but goes into some Amon Tobin Jazz influenced breaks now and then. No falsetto here. Most energetic track so far with what appears to be live drums (?) in the background. Not sure what to make of this track. Very interesting and was not expecting it in this album. Horn and percussion duo with then some piano coming out of it. Quite jazzy now. Slows down till its just the piano + some bass. 8/10

04. No

Goes into a very ambient track. Starting with just a drone with a few dare I say almost talk talk playing about. Oh and now it has a clip of a conversation with an adult and kid in Spanish. From the lyrics its clearly a chat between him and his dad. 6/10

05. Three Sides of Nazareth

Sang in spanish quite up beat. Initially the beat is quite like that Modest Mouses single from last year. But slower and sets into a very different kind of grove pretty quickly. Best singing so far. Little distortion in the voice and spanish is a great voice to sing in. Some very nice percussion has just come in. Very nice rhythm to it. Dont want to say that its a bit samba like because the Spanish vocals might be misleading me but it does feel to musically have a south american flavour to it. Over all I think its one of the most conventional tracks he has made. Largely focused on the vocals. Oh this is nice hes added a new beat into it in the chorus. Very lush. More Alfredo Nic chats at the end. 7/10

06. History Lesson

Pumping groves with drums and an excellent keyboard bit. Again a little New Wave here. Very rock in roll in some ways. I think this might be a concept album of sorts looking at the lyrics and sound clips. Maybe about the relationship he has with his famous political artist of a dad. Pure speculation though. Now its got some deep atmosphere that has blunted the beat. The production is fantastic in this album. Some static and piano now… and of course it breaks into the groove again but with some more layers that quickly strip away to show the vocals… and then builds up again. A change at the end with the falsetto comes in and its a lush bit. 7/10

A secret track or something, a pretty pre 60s and dub influenced thing with a church organ (?). It seems to tie the whole together talking about 6 chapters (6 songs) and giving a line about them. Guitar and drums come in at the end.

Overall a good first impression. He treads a lot of new ground here. Playing around with a lot of ideas and being at points being quite far out the electronic stuff. All tracks bar one feature vocals prominently. Its clearly an album rather then a selection of tracks and is quite different to his more dance oriented or abstract stuff. I dont think it will have the impact that his debut. I can imagine really liking two of these tracks and after the initial buzz some of the tracks are a little weaker and quite long. Although he is really good at building and changing a beat or a rhythm.

Obviously one listen isnt really enough to have a strong opinion and much of my writing was very on the moment perceptions. I would be interested to see the critics opinion of this but it didnt disappoint. I look forward to hearing this album more properly soon and this has reminded me how much I enjoy going into albums blind. Thus ive kept the tracks hidden. But yeah well worth 45 mins of my time!

Really into this on first listen. Murky and mysterious as ever…
Enjoyed the review, @mroc!

this is AOTY material. astounding stuff


that opening track!!! this. is. good.

there’s a 7th track, Wildflowers, by the way.

edit: it’s between Killing Time and the Governor. Shift the above review by one track and it covers all the songs.

Oh right that makes sense. Was basing it on the album stream that im sure only showed 6 tracks. But that might be my mistake. Errors will happen when you are doing a track by track review during the first streaming of the album.

er ok, i’m signed up…this is ‘amazing’. as in ‘really amazing’. like when ‘amazing’ used to actually mean something.

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So the vinyl edition seems to be 9 tracks. Anyone know what these are? Full songs? Segues? Ambient fluff?

*meaning the additional 3 tracks obvs …