Nigel America Tech Support


Hey guys, Nigel here.

Any Tech support questions, don’t be afraid to ask.


hey Nige

can you bring back the ^this button?


what do you think of the new antm judging line up?


Hi Nigel










La la-la-la-la, we want to live in Nigel America with all the Nigel people.


Are you happy in your work?




Do you need that helping hand?


Hi Nigel,

What plans are you making for the new website?


I’ve pretty much finished the LinkedIn integration. Just tried to check in but got a ridiculous number of conflicts. I haven’t merged for a few years now. Looks like it’s read-only now too.


Is your whole future as good as sealed?


I think you’ll find it’s us who are making the plans for Nigel.


I know Farage was a Trump supporter, but he didn’t have to take it this far!


Hi Nigel, or should that be Mr America?


Hi Nigel, could we have back the ability to edit our own posts within 3 minutes please?


Clarification: not in 3 minutes time, sorry if the above request seemed very demanding.