Night clubs

When was the last time you went to one?

  • This week
  • This month
  • In the last 6 months
  • In the last year
  • Older than that
  • Never been to one

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I say ‘this week’ but it was last Saturday

In night cluba I like to hear

  • Dance
  • Hip hop/rap
  • R n b
  • Cheesy pop
  • Just good pop
  • Indie anthems
  • Rock
  • Metal
  • Pop punk/emo
  • Motown
  • 60s music
  • Other

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really like nightclubs where you can actually become a member.

still have my great big kiss membership card knocking about somewhere. had a picture of the supremes on it.

the nightclub when i was in panama was like a rec room with cheap rum, salsa merengue blasting out and the locals all grinding on people, was extremely fun

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Really love them but visits are increasingly infrequent and a big treat. Lots of negatives like over crowding, overzealous security etc etc are big anxiety triggers so have to be in a right state of mind/psyche myself up.

Am fortunate to have a lot of smaller spots near me in Peckham and Brixton so still get to go out and dance on a whim pretty frequently.

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pretty much visions in dalston then.

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Someone I know went to a Disney club night last week. Suddenly have a lot more time for all the developers turning clubs into luxury flats.

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When I am 80 some of my best memories will probably come from.Buzz in Wakefield and Satans Hollow


Cheesy pop nightclubs are basically the only ones I have proper fun in, but boy do I have fun in them.

I would enjoy clubs a lot more if men were banned (or at least banned from being creepy)


Disney just needs to pack it in tbh

Pretty sure it was the night I proposed to Mrs F, and also my 29th birthday so it was 21st September 2013.

ever go to pash neck at the montague arms?

Have been to Printworks in Canada Water a couple of times in the last six months and absolutely love it there. Daytime clubbing should be much more of a thing. Bed by midnight, sheer bliss.

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None of you will ever get to experience Fusion in Kingsbridge now and that saddens me.

Exemplary provincial club name there.


Still haven’t been, very much not up for paying £40 to get in though.

I absolutely love clubbing, so many of my friends are less keen to go these days which is frustrating.

I have not, think I always end up in the Amersham Arms when I’m in that neck of the woods

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