Night clubs

went to the edge in southampton before xmas, got battered and danced to rihanna really loud. was great.

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If you get your tickets in advance it’s usually 30 quid rather than 40.

Appreciate it is a big sum, but when you’re in there it’s quite sensational. The lighting set up in the main room alone is worth it imo.

It’s now called Coast. Nowhere near as good.

For some reason women always go mad for my outfits in MooMoos (Tunbridge Wells’ primary nightclub)

My favourite thing to happen in there was in October when a boy sidled up to me and shouted WHAT’S YOUR NAME in my ear and I shouted MAUREEN at him and he danced away from me without hesitation


£40 for a nightclub?! :exploding_head:


Its so good in there, sound is next level.

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lets go clubbing

my 28th birthday!

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it looks UNBELIEVABLE in there. aren’t they setting up a new club? or did I make that up?

I fucking love dancing but have stopped going out as much now that I live outside the city centre. As a result I think I was last in a nightclub a year ago? Love an absolutely demented night dancing to old house music.

£40 seems a lot for a club, but I’ve had a better time there than I have had at gigs or festivals that cost the same.

Wouldn’t mind trying Printworks sometime. It looks similar to Trouw (RIP)


wanna go clubbing with @barleysugar and @fappable


can imagine the panic on the board as you all lose each other at 4am


Best one near me is the SU which does triples for £5 or three pints for £5 with no cover charge. As a result it has a very weird crowd of underage people, weirdos, students and middle aged lads lads lads. Music is vv hit and miss though :face_with_monocle:

Printworks in Manchester is a terrible place so its weird to see a place by the same name with a good rep


ur a mbmber

Yes m8

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Yeah, we had a mate at uni who kept trying to make us go to Mahiki. She reckoned the £500 table charge was very reasonable because famous people went there.

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Bloody love havin’ it large. Miss the all nighters at The Black Swan. Haven’t been to a decent club purposefully for decent music in a long while. Really like the sound of those Printworks thimgs but somehow, probably for financial reasons, I’ve never bothered. Should do, really bother sometime. Got a few mates who I’d love to party with at that place. What a time we’d have.

In other club related news, i wish the rockier nights I ever seem to go to these days would have a bit of an update.