Night of the Living Thread (Halloween 2019)

Everyone out trick or treating? My nephew is ready to rock.

what ya’ll up to?


Happy Halloween Neil. I’m eating a very good fish and chips at Gatwick. I won’t be trick or treating because I’ll be home late-ish.

alright neil?

current spooky level: not spooky

having four day old leftover chicken for dinner so that might get at least a little bit spooky

Thread title changed in accordance with @anon19035908 's wishes.

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are they doing boarding bingo?

there was something on the news this week about gatwick revolutionising the boarding process

Opening drinks for the conference I’ve been helping organise :partying_face:


I saw that! I thought it was just a trial so maybe it’s over. But I hope so. Although I’m on an aisle seat so I assume I’d be last.

Jamie’s Diner

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Very good title change.

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Might go trick or treating (buy some beer) to the local brewery. Won’t have any trick or treaters round here, so quiet night in.

Made a veggie cottage pie for dinner earlier. Generally feeling a bit flat. Missing my mates from home a bit I think and things at home are a bit up and down.

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Jamie’s Diner: Leafy’s Dinner

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Got no sweets so not answering the door if anybody knocks

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Watched Hocus Pocus earlier, Addams Family Values now (what a film) and maybe The Craft in a bit. Mrs F loves Halloween so we’re doing films and pizza afternoon/night. Big shop is arriving at 7.30-8.30 (after the T or Ters will have gone by) with a load of sweets just for us.:ghost::ghost::ghost:


Got some sweets but it’s hit or miss if anyone trick or treats here. It’s pretty shit weather outside too.
Kinda hoping there’s none so I can eat all the sweets myself later.
Might watch a horror film. Doesn’t feel very halloween here.

Received this suitably terrifying piece of art from nursery:

A chocolate pumpkin lolly has been deemed ‘too scary’, so I guess I’ll have to eat it


1 and 5 year old out trick or treating. I am getting ready for work by eating crisps. Feel rufffffffffffff

Glasgow/Scottish people…Wet Wet Wet are playing at King Tuts on Sunday night!
I can’t get over how weird this seems.


Well this is the scariest thing in the thread thus far :wink::smile:

Haha…I was actually tempted to go, but tickets are something like £35