Night of the Living Thread (Halloween 2019)

Cant wait to get this over with and crack on with Christmas

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Happy Halloween team, special shout out to drowned in sounds very own Spook queen @Witches :woman_mage: :jack_o_lantern: :ghost:

Meeting an ATD for a few and trying to keep a lid on it as I have lots to do tomorrow.


Never change, Lopes


Love it!

Can someone please validate my earlier work


Morrisons stuffed crust double pepperoni pizza and three cheese garlic flatbread.


Least Favourite - Ray Parker Jr

Hopefully lots of Halloween sweets that haven’t been trt’ed.
Failing that: beans on toast with a nice cup o tea.

Solitary halloween as usual, might watch a film tonight if I’m not too tired

Was dressed as a spooky geography teacher for work (i.e. I always look like this)


I’m so tired I could literally lie down and have a nice sleep right now. Literally.

I’m deadly serious.

round our way, people only knock if there’s a pumpkin outside - like that’s a thing that says “don’t bother if there isn’t one”. Seems to work, but obviously it’s not universal.

That said, somebody did just knock, but I just ignored it. Does that make me a bad man?

Anyway, here’s a picture of my child in his bat pyjamas:


I don’t usually go to the gym on a Thursday but I’m going tonight to miss the trick or treaters. I should be home by 830.

Yeah I really hate Halloween, sorry folks

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Here’s another child picture, from later on in the day, wearing his skeleton garb:


I usually do go to gym on Thursdays but didn’t want my wee dog home alone with kids knocking door and/or mucking around or fireworks going off.

I should probably take a pumpkin photo too - I tried to get one on my phone when I carved it, but it was a terrible terrible photo, so I’ll have to use a proper camera

Aka ‘the celts are at at it again’ :grinning:

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all i can think about is jacqueline mccafferty

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The Next Door app has a Halloween map where you can say whether you’re accepting trick or treaters or not. Seems like a good idea.


wo, must be weird having it fall on the same day as halloween this year

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