Night of the Living Thread (Halloween 2019)

Great for people to work out exactly who to egg, I think I’d take my chances being anonymous

Going to see Metronomy tonight, the 6yo is gonna go trick or treating with a massive gang of 25 kids tomorrow

While I’m waiting for my ATD to join me to go to Metronomy my TV has a friend round and she’s brought her very good boy with her so for the next 20 minutes I’m mainly stroking a black Labrador

I think you’re missing the point - families can go to specific doors that they know will accepting people, not wasting time, and leave the people who don’t want it alone. Win/win surely?


Why do recipe writers make you scroll through pages of drivel before you get to the actual recipe.

Look mate, I don’t give one tenth of a shit about what this recipe means to you, I just want to cook it then stiff it down my mouth.


Yeah depends what sort of town you live in I guess

My sister takes the kids trick of treating but she agrees a route with like minded friends and neighbours and they go to hers. The only acceptable way in my opinion.

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Done myself by ordering the shopping for 7.30 haven’t I. Might ignore it and miss the delivery or go to answer it and it’s sweetie-gatherers.

Hot drink with hot meal siren

Toast and tea th so it’s cool. Beans are the side I guess.

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Nah was right the first time. :grinning:

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Could have done a better job with the nostrils, tbh. It’s in the kitchen, not on the doorstep. If Jimbo comes back before his bedtime (looking unlikely now) we’ll put it out for a bit.


Very Jack Skellington like!

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One good thing about Halloween is remembering this photo I took of the cat 6 years ago.




House is on lockdown as we have no sweets. I’m upstairs nearly falling asleep after this bad boy my mum made:

Picture only makes it look about a 10th of how tasty it actually was

Edit: make that 100th


Would eat.

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Still a bit left m7!

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Everything about this is great, including the plate.

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Save it for… Oh yeah