Night of the Radishes



any other fun things people have done in the past?

Would be good to just know about all of the fun weird things

My dad used to decorate cooked hams and enter them in competitions as part of his chef training in the 70s and 80s


Steamed hams


I’m gutted that I missed the World Pea Throwing Championships in Lewes last weekend

@chris-budget did you go? They do it outside the Lewes Arms

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The Northern Ireland Aeropress Championship is on this Sunday


I agree with the French in that a large bunch of radish counts as dinner.

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what do they throw the peas at?

Tom Scott did a video recently about a tradition once a year in Honiton (Devon) of throwing warm pennies at people from upper storey windows. More weird than fun because (a) painful and (b) the pennies used to be very hot and people did it to laugh at the poor people risking burns to collect the money.

It’s how far, not how close to a target. They have a long tape measure that goes up the street

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yeah that’s no good!

that’s amazing, I bet they hardly go any distance at all the puny little things

Those Devonians, eh

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Yeah I was there! Had to leave after 5 mins as the baby wasn’t having it :grinning:

I’m all about the Dwyle flunking really