Night of Thurs

Get to posting

I’m quite drunk tbh

Can sense a daytime hangover setting in which is the worst feeling OF ALL


Making some nice pasta for my diseased child.

Got to work later :pensive:

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I will be too soon. Going to a drag night. Dad asked me earlier if I wanted to join him at a breakfast at 9am tomorrow.
No thanks dad.


Covid day 4, just a bit blah now. Honestly cannot believe the way the Werewolf hunt has gone but not saying anything.

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A bit hungover

  • Power through it with a Baileys
  • Regroup ready for the weekend

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I’m having so much fun and this is all that matters :relaxed:

(Unless i win and then winning is all that matters)


Keep drinking


Off to watch Jack and the Beanstalk

A baileys is not worth risking your weekend energy for

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Got my wife’s Christmas pressie today. Very happy with it.

25% off is a good price


Great colour

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was massively looking forward to seeing Gilla Band tonight and quite gutted that they’ve had to cancel (for very understandable reasons) so i’m just sitting in tonight like a sad little boy

No good cinema on?

haven’t looked tbh

Can’t be fucked with anything.

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Made sausage, chips and beans for tea. Comfort food cause still laid up.

Now having a beer from the delivery that arrived yday (a Xmas gift to Mr s_w from one of the suppliers he works with). Whats nicer than beer? Free beer! :beer:


Been lying in bed for a few hours already because what even is the point, really. If you think about it.

Need to get up to put the bins out, which will be the highlight of my evening. Might have a Boost afterwards.


Haven’t had a drink in a few weeks, would fucking love one now except I’m on some ridiculous nerve blockers for my face.

Going to get bedtime going here in a minute then I’ll fuck off to bed myself.

This Post Paid For By PROF$.

We’ve got friends coming over which means I can’t get into my polar bear pyjamas after my shower :sob: