Night time




Had a peruse through this thread and I’d like to add the following…

I love Sky Ferreira.
I make my cheese on toast with dobs of Worcestershire sauce.
I read the synopsis for passengers and decided not to bother watching it. Apparently there’s a good amount of sexage in it tho? :blush:
I bought kitkats earlier because of the snacks thread. Do you reckon it’s maybe got the most spin offs? There’s two finger kitkats, 4 finger kitkats, then there’s snack sized kitkats that are just singular but slightly fatter. Kit Kat chunky and finally (I think) bite sized kitkats! As an indecisive person it was pretty stressful.


And that’s before you delve into the different flavours…


Yeah, I know :exploding_head:

I ended up just sticking with the usual two fingers …

Four just feels like a bit much on a regular basis, I’m not even tempted by chunky and err bite sized… I can see me just scoffing the lot in one sitting if I didn’t have someone nearby to prise them out of my paws.


That didn’t work.




What was his deal?


Mate you want to ask @Matt_was_taken about his wasabi and catfood flavour kitkats


Aw man, he offered to send me some!! Like an eejit I declined. Worst decision of my life.


Yeah pretty much! Maximum flavour in every bite


A friend just came back from Japan and I asked them how many kit Kat flavours they tried. They tried two :anguished::anguished::anguished:


Tbf most sound grim af


It’s the main attraction for going to Japan for me tbh. Don’t even like kit kats that much.


Force feeding bunnies by syringe is not easy or fun :frowning:


:frowning: aw. Poor ripley!! Xx


Australia has voted yes in its referendum on same-sex marriage!!!

the government could still decide not to go ahead with it, but let’s just have one nice moment


Just got back from seeing the Movielife, was a total nostalgia fest and had a bloody great time singing myself raw. Really needed that.


Aww, thank you! It’ll be fine, I’ve seen Ireland through worse. It’ll be okay.


was following it at work, bit depressing. at least the first half hour had a nice feeling of hopefulness