Night time



it’s very american. like what you would stick in a taco but watery.




grate cheese on -> spoon into face


Spending my expenses millions* on a cheeky Deliveroo pad thai. Then dunno.

*thousands. FUCKING HELL.




bit light on the portion of hoops there


Yessss just got confirmed that I can stay in my old flat while I’m in London, lots of £££ saved


uʍop ǝpᴉsdn pɹᴉǝʍ sʞool ʇɐɥʇ


This photo is making me dizzy


vikings theme song plays softly in background


1 can is too much for one sitting, but not enough for two, so I’m making two cans go three meals. #banal


haha oh yeah totally :upside_down_face:


How did you do this magic?


You criticising my food again? :wink:


Oh god I am :disappointed_relieved:


Approving masters


Just had…haloumi, sweet potato, butternut squash, rice and tahini. Solid dinner for a Tuesday

Nothing on tonight, all work fine so can sit and waste tune in here until kids are in bed and we can watch Stranger Things. Got past the ridiculous punk episode last night so gearing up for excitements


Really, really strong bad thoughts vibes after having a semi-argument with the manager on my way out (went along the lines of “this is why I didn’t agree to a full contract here, why your attitude stinks as a company and why it’ll never get as big as they act they are”)
Just want to hide under the duvet a bit tbh. Dreading tomorrow!


Oh boy, came home to a recruiter for Just Eat contacting me out of the blue, with an email riddled with typos. Time to let off some steam…


ooh masterchef tonight!!! yiss.


What caused the argument?


It’s stein tonight (I think) at least.