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here’s a fun facial expression for you all


Had a pop at my productivity when I’d spent the entire day helping out less experienced temps due to their absolutely shocking excuse for “training”. Also had a go at those new starters productivity, when they barely knew what they were doing.
Basically, treat people like shit and the business will never be anything but shit.


I mean I do dick around on here all day but that’s not for him to know


Haha, are you sure he hadn’t been looking at your IT records? :wink:


Made my kids spaghetti hoops at the weekend and managed to convince them I’d found a can of alphabet shapes that only had 'O’s in.


Nah think he’d have brought it up tbh because I was basically getting to the point of personal insults




How do you feel about mini kievs?


Still having carpet woes. The story so far:

  • fitters were due to turn up to fit the girls’ bedrooms two weeks ago. They cancelled at the last minute but after a lot of complaining we managed to get someone to fit the curtains the next day
  • they were then due to complete the job yesterday but cancelled at the last minute. (Bear in mind our house is in chaos and our eldest is all out of sorts with the changes to everything). After some pleading, they rescheduled for today.
  • everything was going fine today until the fitter (a different one from two weeks ago) realised that the previous fitters had used the wrong bit of carpet to fit the eldest’s bedroom, and so the remaining piece doesn’t fit ours.

Tl;dr but this is the state of our room now:

They’ve told us that they can’t complete the job til next Tuesday (which means that the house will be in partial chaos til then).


Additional: what do you think would be reasonable to ask for by way of compensation? Bearing in mind that they offered 10% refund as a result of the first two cock ups.


assuming this question is to the floor: fine in theory, terrible in practice


Get outta here


You really puzzled me there about why the mini kievs would be on the floor


Hoops and mini kievs, it’s a lovely, lovely thing.


Approved :white_check_mark:

Giddy with excitement

2 months to release :- s


ɹoolɟ ǝɥʇ uo sʌǝᴉʞ ᴉuᴉɯ ǝɥʇ ǝɹɐ ʎɥʍ




Dunno but I’d write it all down in a letter and send it to the big boss.

Terrible way to run a business.


Go for 50% that’s shocking. We had a bad experience with that company if it’s the same as on your underlay…it’s a right nightmare having everything clear and sorted only to be let down. I’d go mad, Twitter than as well.

Luckily we now have an independent carpet man who lives over the road…I realise this doesn’t help you though…


Mourning the loss of my final tenner until pay day


Alright japesy? Am sad you’re not gonna be here on friday, was looking forward to meating. Doing sea bass with orzo and some purple sprouting brocco tonight. Genuinely think I may go pescatarian for a bit :fish: :fishing_pole_and_fish: :blowfish: :tropical_fish: