Night time




PSA though: Aldi kievs are terrible


I think 50% is worth asking for. And yes, we went with them (on recommendation, lol) for the whole lot.


hiya irons

yeah i’m really gutted about missing it. especially since i’ll be having an incredibly shit time working instead


so i got offered the job


:grin: :+1: :champagne:


man what can I do to make my country better?!


Deferred Star Trek/Curb day


Hopefully one day soon we can have a sweaty bicycle ride together :sweat_drops:


In happier news, this arrived today for the eldest’s Christmas present :slight_smile: :rocket:


thanks!!! i’m pretty chuffed. might celebrate somehow.


I just had a conversation with the local shop guy about IPAs.

my flatmate’s parents have left, that’s something I guess.

that’s all I’ve got currently


50% seems quite high, but fuck it man, go for it!

hope it all gets resolved sooner rather than later bud


:beer: :beer: :beer:


That’s brilliant!


get in! Forgot I bought another cheap chocolate orange earlier :smiley:


There’s also this book:


She’s really into space, non-fiction, Lego… So it’s a good year for presents!


Won Christmas and it’s not even December ^


Not going to lie to you m9s, shitting it about the Ireland game.


decided to just train as a lawyer and have a steady income/profession to fall back on


Definitely mention how much it has impacted your children, one because it is genuinely a big part of it, and two because it might tug at some heartstrings.

Also, top Christmas present selections there :ok_hand: