Night time



Good luck yo

My little sis is trying to get a training contract after doing her GDL and from her experiences seems as if you’re not white/ a dude/ rich/ connected, you’re basically screwed :frowning: :frowning:


Got a burg for me and the GF. She’s gonna have to work a bit longer and is gonna grab something from outside. Eaten my one. How long before I succumb to my greedy self and eat hers? Gonna give it 10 mins


Wore my best jumper to work as well.


Waiting for R to be properly asleep so I can go back in the bedroom and start reading the second Twin Peaks book or just fall asleep.

Had (not through my choice) fish fingers, chips and beans for dinner. Felt a bit like I was seven.

Only spent about half the day having ridiculous physical anxiety symptoms, so it was an improvement on the last few days. Also laughed more than I had done in ages, R was on particularly hilarious form :blush:




fao of japes, i am now drinking a brooklyn beer out of my brooklyn glass (scorcher ipa)


I think that’s not always the case… I’m white and from a posh university though so will undoubtedly benefit from that privilege. I know quite a few lawyers from working class backgrounds (though my dad ran a law centre so probably have a slightly rose-tinted view of it too).

is your sis considering working as a paralegal first? that’s what I’m going to do.


errrrrr who the fuck is my dad

he’s totally fine with me moving out (partly because it’s local and I have a f/t job so can afford it but even aside from that…)

so guess i’m moving out in 3 1/2 weeks then HOLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


Smoking some doobs, drinking some vino and about to go see blondie.
All good


Yeah, she’s been a paralegal for a year. Should’ve mentioned she’s trying to get into criminal law, which seems to be particularly bad on the diversity front…


Listen to Townes van Zandt




this is good advice at any time


never heard of him I’m afraid


Hyped for Rick Stein’s Road to Mexico.



DiS Clungebridge Wells meat yeah?


Its still there, calling to me.


Drinking a spiced plum cider - tastes like a Yankee candle



Off home for some slow cooker casserole I made this morning. And Rick Stein


i did my taco soup in the slow cooker. was alright.

5 on 10