Night time



I’ll give you a rating when I get in

Had the opposite sort’ve day to @Ruffers. Had to bollock two of my guys for appalling attitudes and horrific swearing. Not nice, but needs to be done. It’s made me feel down though.


Do we work together? :wink:


We’re you loudly calling a colleague a cunt whilst I was sat next to you. If so, :wave::wave:


Its gone.


Shocked that we haven’t used this before on here.


Lord no, find I’m always struggling to keep people happyish throughout hopeless drudgery instead, sounds horrible tbf


Made a thread guys


It’s stein time, man


This made me chuckle :slight_smile:


That’s work for you.

This all came about as my boss (the one they called a cunt) had picked them up on something that was being done in the wrong way. He politely pointed this out and asked if they knew the correct way to do it (they do). One of them started kicking off and then, once the exchange had finished, proceeded to call him every name under the sun and that she wasn’t going to do anything he asked her again… So that’s where I came in.

Christ, I hate people sometimes.


Anyway, I’m listening to Yo La Tengo, which is going some way to perk my mood up.


They’re lucky to still be in a job tbf


Ive now got to investigate the whole thing


That’s a genuinely good dinner - top comfort food, except probably not if it wasn’t through choice.

Pleased to hear you’ve had a better day today :slight_smile: :tada:


monocle emoji


Ugh, line management is the worst, isn’t it?


God I way too drunk for a Tuesday




It’s like being a primary school teacher at times.


I might watch Passengers.

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