Night time



you work in retail, yeah? assuming these chumps are on, or around, minimum wage then? when you’re on £7 odd quid an hour, you’re much more likely to not give a fuck, in my experience

just get another job tomorrow innit

what a world!


wouldn’t bother. twas shite.


That looks great! This is a really cool book if you’ve not seen it before.


Was going to recommend this exact same book (there’s a second coming out at some point too).

I’d say it’s worth seeing just to see how tone deaf Hollywood was even a year ago to men treating women dreadfully. Also a good turn by Michael Sheen.


Could’ve been great if they’d changed the ending slightly

(I liked bits of it)


Ah yes I’ve seen that before! I might get that for the youngest, she’s pretty rebellious :smiley:


Ripley’s back home - got some medicine and emergency food to mix up and force feed him in a bit. Back to the vet at 9am to see how he’s doing.

Fingers crossed everyone pls!




Good luck Ripley! :rabbit: x


Night time, my time.


Been waiting for someone to post this.


I’m expecting it to be bad!


£8.50 an hour, but yeah, there’s probably something on your point. The main reason why these 2 are like this is because they spent so long getting their own way, and now they’re being challenged, they don’t like it.

The most frustrating thing is, I wish they told me they don’t give a shit, and they just got in with their job quietly before finding another. Instead, my time is being used by two guys not offering basic respect to their colleagues, which in turn is taking my time away from the guys that actually care about the job they are doing, and have done for a long time.


Pretty comforting I guess. Tbh, I never choose my dinner, one of the perks of living back at home. Put all my cooking effort into the kid’s food.

It was nice to not spend half the day feeling on the edge of a panic attack, definite improvement even if it is only a temporary one.

I hope Ripley takes his medicine ok and gets on the mend :crossed_fingers:


My daughter’s 4 and she loves it. It has 100 stories of women throughout history and is really beautifully illustrated. Think it’s something she’ll keep coming back to as she grows up. Would definately recommend!


My wife is… considerably older than that… and she loves it too. It’s an excellent book. (and would match that space one pretty well on the bookshelf too!)


had a cool idea but I’m too lazy to do it


yeah man, no good at all.

about 5 or so years ago I got a second job at mozzos over Christmas for some extra cash. the attitude among the majority of the staff was pitiful. people literally didn’t give two fucks. experienced staff too.

the atmosphere was toxic man

best of luck with it all anyway man


shall i have some cheese on toast

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put worcestershire sauce on it