Night time



used to love some but it aint veggie :sweat:



wtf is even in it


anchovy i think


Is reggae reggae sauce veggie? Cause that’s really good on cheese on toast.


think 2018 I’m going to have to try really hard at something


no idea, never even had it! is it like a molasses type thing?


:musical_note: put some music in your food :musical_note:


think I’ve had cheese on toast with kethcup and tabasco sauce on top pretty much every night for a decade, unless I had pizza


i have cholula :thinking:


what’s that, another hot sauce?


Says you…


always make it like this

9 blobs of tabasco and nine small blobs of ketchup on top, finish off with some pepper.



all this cheese on toast chat has made me want…cheese on toast

cheers guys


if I run out of tabasco sometimes substitute it and the ketchup for reggae sauce.




Cheese on toast, spaghetti hoops, fishfingers… These are all classic Sunday Tea foods. Just need Last Of The Summer Wine in the background.


I’ve enjoyed the developments.

Fwiw, I have cheese on toast with nothing but homemade white bread and extra mature cheddar.


kinda great being really boring with you guys, thanks x


Had another bloke around about a front door and another about some plastering we need doing.

Urgh really need to decide on the front door now I suppose.


I thought you’d chosen one? Post them all on here and do a poll. Let DiS decide!