Night time



Most expensive one please.


aren’t all front doors pretty much the same?

  • Diana Dors
  • Jim Morrison (in a dream)
  • Carte D’Or
  • George Dawes
  • Gryffindor

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Les Doorson


That’s what I thought last week.


Dooris Day


remember we got ours changed a few years back, looked pretty much like the other one but a bit shinier. Kinda crazy how many different things there are to care about huh?


i had cheese on a toasted bagel with some hot sauce




I am sad after that. Going to drink a million pints now.


Sorry dude!


the real deal!


Oh gosh, I’m sure that’s delicious but the first thing it brought to mind was Colin from The Brittas Empire!



That’s pretty mean ccb.

Bamnam, do you eat it in 9 bites?


Also, did anyone see this on twitter today? :nauseated_face:


I did say that I was sure it was delicious!


Well it didn’t take me long to decide :tired_face:


Flat is mostly tidy for the valuation tomorrow.

Right ear still blocked, went to the doctors and he just said to keep doing the drops and try olive oil. Getting the ear syringed in a few weeks. :fearful:


I might watch it on iplayer tomorrow and follow the thread in real time.


It’s not a terrible film but it’s definitely not a great one.


I have had a really long day - eight hours of daytime work followed by three of cover at a different college. To make it worse, two of the slip roads I would have used on my way home were closed so it took me twice as long.

I ate a McDonald’s Jamaican Chicken burger tonight. It was rank - please don’t any of you bother with them. I’m drinking an Irn Bru Xtra now and might have a Nanny State before bed.

I finished American Pastoral. Not really sure what I made of it.