Nightbus thread

Thread for posting in whenever you’re in a form of public transport somewhere and it’s after midnight.

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Currently in Moorgate waiting for the 100 to Wapping. Been a while since I’ve had to do this, feels strangely nostalgic


I am currently not in Belgium


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I find it hard to read bus numbers without looking like I’m flagging the bus down. So much glare.

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The timetable says the 100 bus goes every 10-14 minutes, feels very non-specific.

Some guy just walked past in a white shirt. He had an orange stain on the front of his shirt. Very relatable.

Someone just got into a taxi or an Uber. Yeah, fine.

Nearby is a security guard in an office that is understandably closed right now. I would imagine he’s bored, but I’m glad he’s there

The bus arrived, there is only one other person on board, they’re having an audible conference call about dancing


This person is now chatting to the driver about dancing, the driver doesn’t seem to want to join in with the conversation


“I like electronic music” in reply to no-one


The driver is being warned about people who can be crazy


She pointed at Be At One “this is a place I went years ago”


I was on a night out in Warrington recently, and all the trains home at around 11pm got cancelled and the rail replacement buses didn’t turn up and the only bus that did turn up was to take all the Amazon workers to the Amazon warehouse. Part of me wondered what adventure I’d have gone on if I’d just got on that bus too.


She has become aware of my presence and is understandably concerned by the old white guy at the back of the bus

We are at a red light. To my right a man is stretching as though he’s about to do exercise.


He finished stretching and went back into his car,.I think he’s an Uber driver maybe

We are stuck in traffic and everyone is quiet now

Are these events related? Sorry either way.